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07:09PM | 10/26/00
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I am replacing my windows. The labor quote is $100/hour ($1400 for 2 men, 1 day). What is a reasonable rate for labor on this type of job?


05:25AM | 10/27/00
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I don't know how many windows you have, or how difficult the job is (are they 2nd or even 3rd-story windows?).
I also don't know what part of the country you're in and what the going price of skilled labor is there.
And I don't know if they are going to haul off the leftovers when done.
But, if they're professionals who will work quickly and efficiently, and will do quality work, then I'd think the price is OK.
If they're just a couple of handymen, who're doing this to make some money, I'd say they're not likely worth $100/hr each. (Wish I could make that!!)
Just my opinion.


04:38PM | 10/28/00
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what type of installation is being done? is it a retro fit system or is it busting stucco and repair? you need to shop around on your installation. get three or four bids. and get a warranty on the labor.the price seems high. i do installations for a living and price the jobs per window not per hour.


04:27PM | 10/31/00
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I'm in Pennsylvania, near Phila. These are replacement vinyl windows (retro-fit?, made to size). There are eight, some are oversized (tall). No busting stucco. There are 4 upstairs, 4 downstairs. Removal and disposal of previous windows. His estimate works out to approx. an hour per window. There's a home improvement video that estimates an hour per window for a do-it-yourselfer.

He'd given me a site-unseen estimate over the phone of $2000 for the job for labor and materials; $250/window. When he actually priced the job it was $2000 for the windows alone and the labor came in at another $1400, almost his first quote. I figured the price would be higher than his initial quote, but I think he'd forgotten our phone conversation.

I don't know why anyone would *not* base their labor charge on the time it takes them to do the job and appropriately for the skill/technical knowledge involved. If a job can be done quickly (and well) then what's the big deal to be pricing it at $100/hr. Those are doctor's wages. Sounds like 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' to me.

Replacing windows is not rocket science. I just don't understand how carpentry work is equivalent to that of a doctor. What I do for a living is harder, very technical and has much more responsibility and I don't make anywhere near that amount.

$25/hour is more like it, which is very good money for carpentry work. I actually did have a carpenter say his labor charge was $25/hour but upon job-done, it worked out to $125/hr for the first job and $80/hr for the second (labor only). Figure.

Well, as it turns out, I know someone who's managing window replacement in a very nice retirement community and the labor charge there is, in fact, $25/hour. Says they're doing a good job. He told me to tell the guy to go pound sand. I'm hoping they can do mine as well.

But I'll get a couple more estimates to see what others are charging. I just don't see how they can get that kind of money. I think things are getting entirely out of control.


11:53AM | 11/01/00
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glad to hear you are getting more est. on your window job. good luck on your project.


09:37AM | 01/06/18
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