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09:57AM | 06/28/05
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Neighbors have a cute little dog that likes to "visit" my yard. I'm getting tired of stepping in his little "presents" when I mow, and I don't like the big yellow spots the urine is leaving. Any suggestions?


09:52AM | 07/26/05
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Hi Julie,

I am a pet owner... and first thing you should do is say something to your neighbor. It is a bit irresponsible for them to let their dog do his/her business in your yard.

There are a few things that you can buy especially for the brown grass spots. "Green-um" treats help eliminate the amonia in the dogs urine, which is what burns the lawn. They are small treats that will help you out with the brown spots and are relatively inexpensive and the dog will think you're his best buddy. They also have something called a "pee spike" that you can put in your neighbors backyard. The spike is scented with dog pheromones which will atract them to the spike and encourage them to pee there.

you can get this stuff online at:

The treats will not stop the dog from peeing in your yard, but it will help with the unsightly burn spots. As far as the "presents" go. I would say something to the neighbor, and tell them that you would appreciate them picking up after their dog.

A good follow-up would be a $10 gift card to Petco or PetSmart to say thanks for taking responsibility for your pet! Most of the scoopers are in that price range (and I'm sure they already have one).



01:43AM | 07/27/05
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Thanks for the suggestions. They are all very thoughtful, I'd like to be a good neighbor and not antagonize anyone.



05:38AM | 09/21/05
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cricketb - i'm sorry, but i think your comment about a good follow-up being a gift card to say thanks to your neighbor for taking responsibility and taking care of his/her dog, is absolutely ridiculous. if a dog is going to go to the bathroom on someone's lawn, then it is what it is, BUT the owner should bring a bag along and clean up after it's dog if it's a #2. buying the owner a gift card to say thanks for something he/she should do as a citizen living in a society is absolutely absurd, as far as i'm concerned.


10:27AM | 12/03/05
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Take a cup of flour and add ground black pepper to it. Sprinkle this to the areas that the dog is using for his/her duties. The flour helps the pepper to stick to the fur. This method is most effective for cats. I have used it to keep squirrels out of my mulch beds and it worked. I have heard it also works for dogs.

I would also alert the neighbor to the brown spots on the lawn. Maybe politely ask if the dog is on medication, and then point out your brown spots as evidence.

Love them or not, dogs will be dogs. :)

*Painting dead grass is still dead grass. Dethatch the area, scratch the soil and seed.

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