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12:37PM | 08/31/02
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Hi All! We've decided that our 30 year old single glazed, true divided lite windows, that are all but falling out of the wall must be replaced. The leading candidate for vinyl replacement is Champion, which is a newcomer to the Chicago area, but have a 40 year history in Ohio. Does anyone have any experience with them? How would they compare to Alside (the other higher recommendation...) and is there any significant reason to avoid vinyl anymore? The wood/clad-wood crowd seems to think that vinyl is approaching evil, the vinyl guys just want to tout the cost/maintenance advantage. Who is telling the truth?

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Jim Dobbins

01:58PM | 10/09/02
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Champion will be better for you as they both build and install. Alside has great siding products, but lousy windows.


04:32PM | 10/21/02
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How about AirTite? I had them estimated on 3 windows. (~50X35 inch), and the cost would be a little over $2000. They showed me their windows which looked impressive from the other sample they compare to. I'm a novice on these things. I wonder if they're compare $2000 windows with $300 windows. What do you think?



06:32PM | 10/29/02
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I hope that this reply is not too late to be of help. We bought a 45-yr. old home last year with 14 45-yr. old windows. After getting sticker shock from estimates from the Pella's and Wellington's for wood or wood composite windows, we decided to look at vinyl (grudgingly). What we found was that Champion was the best manufacturer & installer in this "mid-priced" window market. Their guarantees were better (they'll even replace torn screens and windows broken by damage). Their thermal performance was better. They installed their own product. Their windows looked better. So, despite not "replacing" the original wooden windows with a wooden duplicate, we had a pleasing alternative. Without a $12,000 bill ($7,000 complete).

No. I don't work for them. It's just that we've done a lot of "home improvement" projects in a challenging home and this is the only one that "went off without a hitch," and we are still happy with.


03:21AM | 11/24/02
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Greetings All,

When it comes to buying windows from a home improvement company, there is no need to spend more than 3 or 4 hundred dollars per window installed!

The going rate for windows would generally be twice the price of the window, installed.

I would NEVER pay $2,000.00 for 3 windows. I am assuming that waterfall_zen means the windows are 35' wide X 50" tall, (or a standard window).

Also, I would NEVER buy windows or siding from a store that also sold socks and underwear. All they do is use sub-contractors and the price is generally about three times what it should cost!

Find yourself a home improvement contractor that has been around awhile and check references.

Good luck,


04:39AM | 11/25/02
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Well- after much debate and bidding work... and thanks to all who joined in this discussion... we went with Champion, and I have to say that I am delighted without any reservation. They sent two crews for the install of 19 windows and a sliding door, we had professional work done, quickly, our home was well looked after and cleaned up afterwards, and the windows are a huge improvement over what we had. The house is remarkably quieter, and the thermostat is now 15 degrees lower than before windows!

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