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08:00AM | 12/14/02
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Hello: We are about to sign up for 18 Anlin windows, and it is costing us a pretty penny. Can you please let me know if this brand is of good quality? I would love any feedback. They are vinal (sp?). Also, they are taking out old alum. ones--collapsing the frame and putting these in. Is this good/bad? They said they would replace any minor dry rot and re-do the walls/siding as well. Not sure what other questions I should ask them? Thanks for any help!


05:39AM | 12/15/02
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Check the spelling of the manufacturer.
Never heard of Anlin.


09:02AM | 10/01/04
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Anlin Windows are a major manufacturer of vinyl replacement windows. They were the manufacturer in California(and the west coast I believe) for Certainteed Windows for many years.

They are a high quality window with a very fair price.

Go to to see more about them. You can email them for a distributor in your area.

Better Quality Homes also sells their windows and has the website

I work for a coating contractor in San Diego and see many homes that have windows put in and often the quality is not the greatest. Anlin installations have always been good.


10:17AM | 12/13/06
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anlin windows are the best window out in the market and guaranteed for life or as long as you own youre home and if u sell your home to a family member they get an additional 20 yrs. of that guaran.

I sell these windows in northern california and we do give free estimates on these windows. we also install them and remove all the debriese, our work is guaranteed for life. if u have more meat


12:51PM | 08/10/13
I worked for Anlins largest dealer as GM for 10 years. The company I worked for sold and installed 2000+ Anlin windows a month and you can't go wrong with their product or customer service if needed.


11:01AM | 09/11/15
I had four installed in 2011. Recently I found that one had lost it's insulation. Gas leaked out I imagine. I called the retailer, Pacific Coast Home Solutions, who sold Anlin to report this. One month later, no response. So I called Anlin direct and found that PCH had not reported the malfunction. Still don't know if anyone will honor the "lifetime'warranty.

I think that Anlin windows may be good, but the installation quality will depend on the retailer who sells them to you.

I don't find comments from installers or related businesses helpful at all. Their vested interest makes them an unreliable source of facts.


11:50PM | 02/22/16
We purchased 15 windows from Anlin about 10 years ago. After about five years I noticed the inside sealing/installation was pertruding between the double-pains. I don't think gas linked, but it doesn't look good. I contacted an Anlin rep, but he down-played the matter, asking was it linking gas. I still want something done to rectify the situation. I will contact them again.


05:26PM | 03/21/18
I purchased 18 windows from them 11 years ago. All membranes are cracking between the double panes. The salesperson told me when I bought them they had a lifetime guarantee. When they came to look at them, they said my model of windows have no lifetime guarantee. DO NOT BUY THEM, THE MEMBRANES WILL FAIL!!!


10:46PM | 08/05/18
Bought $30K of Anlin Windows. The distributor guarantees them and their installation. They are better than the WindowMaster windows I had years ago, although WindowMaster honored their warranty and replaced several windows when the insulation failed. Replacing the glass in a window is no big deal -- it's the window hardware that better be good. It's more of a challenge to make a window open/close smoothly if it doesn't to start with. Our Anlin windows have worked well for three years. Hopefully they'll last .


10:18AM | 08/06/18
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Johh brown
Anlin are the replacement of Vinyl windows. Well, I am late to reply, but I can say that this is good brand. I have installed in my home since 2 years. I have no objection about the quality.


02:36PM | 09/18/18
What's a typical cost to install 12 Anlin windows and a Sliding Door?
I am being coated ~$12000.00.

Thanks in advance.


08:22PM | 10/27/18
We just had Anlin Windows installed and are not happy with the rollers. They are extremely loud. They have this rattling sound like when you used to stick a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle when you were a kid.
One of the main reasons we replaced our old windows was because they were noisy and didn’t open well and when my wife would close them in the morning they’d wake me up. These aren’t any better.
The installer is trying to claim this is normal and/or that it’s an added safety feature so you know when somebody’s opening a window. Sounds like total BS to me.
So is this normal with Anlin? Did we get a bad batch of rollers? The Milgard windows we have downstairs and that we got for our cabin don’t do this. Originally we went with Milgard because Anlin didn’t have the style we needed. We went with Anlin this time because they were supposed to be better and now regretting it.
Installee is referring the matter Anlin but I just wanted to have more info before they respond.


07:40PM | 11/08/18
Bought 29 windows in 1991. Only problem: cranks keep stripping on the 4 crank-out windows, and retailor is out of business so must order free cranks from factory. Lifetime parts warranty always honored.


06:15PM | 01/04/19
These are the best windows you can put on your home... Hands down. Great customer service, great product.


09:29AM | 01/25/19
We installed Anlin windows in our home two years ago. We have a total of 33 windows and three sliding glass doors. We live in the desert (Palm Springs) and struggle with the heat most of the year. We are extremely happy with the windows. They keep much of the heat out of our home and one surprising thing is how quiet it is inside our home. We didn't realize the apparent sound proofing, and we live in an area where lawn mowers, weed wackers and other noises from gardeners are constantly working and make lots of noise that we had just become accustomed to. Now it is quiet in the house unless the grand kids are here lol.
They were very expensive but the savings in my electric bill and the comfort in our house and not needing to run the air conditioner 10 hours a day make the windows worth what we paid.
I recommend that if you need windows, use the Anlin windows.
Oh, one other thing the sliding glass doors are amazing. I used to struggle, and we had a stick holding the door shut now it is so easy to open the door and no more sticks.


01:21AM | 05/01/19
For BV018505: Who installed the Anlin windows for you?


05:59PM | 05/02/19
I had Anlin windows installed December 2017. I've been pleased with the results so far.

They do a good job deterring heat transfer and the concept of blocking sound transfer by using different thicknesses of panes is clever.


11:31AM | 11/20/19
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Our company has been installing windows in Bay Area for 16 years.
We recommend windows Anlit. These windows are the flagship of our company.

Best Exteriors, Inc 1999 Harrison St. 10219, Oakland, CA 94612


09:52AM | 01/19/20
Bv081505 good morning my name is Rafael Ramos i worked for a window company in hawaii that sold and installed Anlin windows. As a service manager and window installer in the field i can say this; those rollers (black in color) on the windows have ball bearings and are better quality than than regular silent ones (grey in color) its an upgrade to vent/sash that is operable.


09:56AM | 01/19/20
You can reach me at for questions concerning Anlin windows, thanks have a blessed day


12:09AM | 02/22/20
Does someone know of the best installer of Anlin windows in southern California?

Leo Alfie

03:51AM | 03/13/20
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Yeah, the Anlin windows are good and more reliables.
I have a good experience with the Anlin windows.


01:58AM | 04/03/20
Best home Improvements do the best install contact them at 323 497 2751 and they stock anlin


01:58AM | 04/03/20
Best home Improvements are out of Los Angeles


08:05AM | 04/18/20
I'm considering purchasing Mezzo vinyl windows. Any feedback would be appreciated.


02:39AM | 06/07/20
022161. I wouldn’t purchase Mezzo vinyl windows if I were you. Alside is a trap in more ways than one. First off their weather stripping is absolute garbage, second the seals have a rubber seal on the outside of the window just like your old ones probably do. They can’t maintain Argon gas because the aluminum has a screw in the top right of each sash seal. I sold them for 4 years before someone showed me an Anlin glass package. The seal is better than typical Andersen or Pella windows because they buy IG units from Cardinal and not sheets of glass.

Trust me no window is perfect but Anlin has the best quality for the best value. You will regret getting alside Mezzo or Fairfield or whatever company rebranded their own as. (They have to rebrand because the reviews) hope this helps

Leo Alfie

08:36AM | 06/08/20
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You can also try UPVC windows one of the best windows here:


02:24PM | 07/08/20

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