04:11PM | 12/29/07
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I apologize for not responding to the post on the 17th. I did not receive an alert like I did on the post today.

To answer the question from the 17th: I didn't ask them to replace all the sashes, it was something they did voluntarily. I called the distributor in Mobile, Al that supplied my windows and he spoke to Kolbe. I lost count on the number of sashes we had replaced because of rot and was fed up. Every time I had to replace a sash I had to have the window painted and I wasn't going to spend another dime on a painter. I did let him know that I had been reading a lot of information about unhappy customers on the internet.

One of the Kolbe workman had told me that Kolbe now uses treated wood under the clading and my original windows were not treated. They also leave a piece of the weather stripping short on each end to allow for air flow.

Oh, but my saga is not over. A lot of the clading on my replaced sashes does not completely cover the corners and I have several small areas of exposed wood. I also have a window frame itself, not a sash, that is leaking water into the house when we have a driven rain. I tried twice to fix that window. Once through a private company and once with Kolbe. I have asked that they take the window out and replace it. The Kolbe distributor out of Mobile, Al is arranging a meeting where the Kolbe people from the plant will come to our home and take a look at our sashes and window. I will follow-up once that meeting takes place.

I have had no problem with condensation on the interior side of my windows, and it does sound like a humidity problem inside the house. We have the opposite problem and our humidity levels are very low. We use a humidifier in my son't room. Our house is tight, too. I think the problem originates with the HVAC system.

Caulking only has a limited life and needs to be reapplied after so many years. It's only a temporary fix. They tried caulking our bad window. It shouldn't leak and caulk is a band-aid only.

I have heard that Anderson windows are very good replacements. They have the same colors as Kolbe.

I am sorry to hear that your warranty expired. I would still try and contact the home office for Kolbe.

I hope that answers everyone's questions. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have more questions. Leslie


10:36AM | 12/31/08
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Our home is 10 years old and the sliding Kolbe Kolbe windows are terrible. We have mold and mildew on most. We have been told it is condensation and our house is at 50% or less humidity.

The windows just plain leak and seem to draw moisture from the outside. We have been told all the same bologna and our supplier said he would send a rep. out to view the home. We have asked repeatedly and never have had a rep contact us nor stop by. We started pestering well before the warranty ran out. Who and how did you contact? We have a dead end with our supplier


05:48AM | 01/31/09
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We have Kolbe Kolbe French casement windows. They look beautiful, but are frail, fall apart, and Kolbe Kolbe support is non-existent. We've had a nightmare of broken promises, lame excuses ... everything but a solution.

A Kolbe Kolbe representative even visited our home, on an Island, but did nothing.

I'd avoid this company at all cost!!


01:57PM | 10/15/09
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Kolbe&Kolbe are very good units, good quality, warranty...We bid them when customers refuse to spend mega-bucks on Marvin..

Kenny Shalek

Senior Installer / Sales Technician

K & K Window Service

Custom Doors & Windows, Chicago, Lake Geneva, WI, Milwaukee, WI


02:05PM | 10/15/09
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Hello, if your Outside temp is 20-40% your inside humidity should not be above do not cause condensation, they are only a meter. Glass is the coldest surface on your wall and therefore will attract any moisture.. lower humidity, install an air exchanger on your furnace.

Kenny Shalek

Senior Installer / Sales Technician

K & K Window Service

Custom Doors & Windows, Chicago, Lake Geneva, WI, Milwaukee, WI


10:03AM | 11/19/09
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This year I moved into a new condo in a new building. The windows in my unit are Kolbe & Kolbe. I have never been able to open one of the windows, which is jammed shut. The problem seems to be three or four metal strips that are coiled up and lodged in one of the window tracks on the side of the window.

I wonder about the nature of the metal strips coiled up in the window track, especially since I am the first occupant of the unit and have never opened the window. Could the coiled up metal strips represent some kind of breakage that occurred during installation? Or do they function to protect the window during shipping and simply need to be removed from the window track?

The realtors who sold me the condo have not been helpful at all in this matter. Does anyone have any idea what these metal strips are doing coiled up in the window track? Many thanks if you can help!


07:16AM | 09/08/10
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I noticed your post, after searching for other people's experience with these windows. Is there a class-action suit with this company?



02:05PM | 05/24/12
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Like Leslie who also posted problems with Kolbe & Kolbe, we live in the Pensacola area. We had four Kolbe ultra push-out clad casements and one Circle head window with impact glass installed in February 2011. We immediately had problems--we could not lock one window, and two others were cutting a gash in the exterior aluminum sill when the windows were opened and closed. The "adjustment" by the Kolbe technician was to drill new holes in the frames so that the sashes could be relocated in the frame. The only explanation ever provided for the problem was that the impact glass was so heavy it probably dragged the windows out of alignment when they were first opened. In October 2011, one of the windows dragged again. Kolbe's solution this time (February 15, 2012) was to cut out the wood around the hinge on the bottom of the sash, and to remove the lower weather stripping on this window (I don't know if the latter was deliberate or an oversight). After this "repair" of a hatchet job, I noticed that the wood on the lower part of that sash was badly cracked and the seams were black--obvious signs of water exposure. I then checked the other windows and noted that while the one on the far right that they had just worked on was the worst, all the casement window show signs of cracking and splitting. I have since carefully monitored (and wiped dry) these windows after ever rain. Whenever we have a wind driven rain, water comes in under the sashes, and the sashes literally sit in water until the water evaporates or I wipe up the water. I can open a window several days after a rain, and water will still be sitting on the sill, and the bottom of the sash will be wet. The words used by Fighter to describe the design flaws of the flat sill are almost identical to those I have used in my complaints to Kolbe. What is truly reprehensible is that Fighter's posting in September 2003 reveals that Kolbe has known about this design defect for 10 years, yet Kolbe continues to manufacture and sell these defective windows, and in a humid, hurricane prone climate like the one in which we live.

Yesterday (May 24, 2012), I received an email from the Kolbe field rep offering to replace the 4 Ultra clad push-out casements with Ultra clad crank-out casements, but they refuse to pay the cost of the installation, and we frankly have no confidence that the crank-outs will be any better since it's still the same wood clad unit. Anyone with advice for where we go from here?



07:04AM | 03/07/13
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What is the status of the Class Action Suit vs K & K windows? I have a long history of struggle with the company re failure of the seals on true divided light casements produced in 1990. Nearly ALL of my windows, approx 40 in number have failed. A very expensive resolution is necessary. Please advise
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