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01:12PM | 05/31/04
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Our local supplier carries these two brands. We are getting vinyl. The Milgard will be about $500 more in price. But I have never heard of Alpine and I have heard Milgard is good. Any thoughts???

By the way, that is only a total of $500 more for new construction, all the windows house


09:25PM | 07/22/04
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I would like to read what has been written but I haven't figured out how. There is a letter comparing Milgard and Alpine windows, but I can only see the first sentences.

I am also looking at Jeld Wen. All vinyl.

Also, does anyone know if tan color is the same for all three?

Jeld Wen excludes warranty for condensation. Do the others?


08:50PM | 07/26/04
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Milgard is the best vinyl window on the market. Not only because of the quality of their window, but their warranty and service as well. To pay $500 more for that peace of mind is well worth it. If you think about it, windows go into the holes in our otherwise complete walls of our homes. Yet everyone seems to want to "save money" in this area. I would get the best windows for the holes in my walls and a good company behind them. As far as condensation warranties, no company will warranty against condensation as this is a natural occuance based on one of two factors, (A) the level of humidity inside your home or (B) the difference in air temperature from outside and inside in relation to the dew point.

I hope this helps.


10:54AM | 12/08/15
Run away from Alpine Windows! The warranty information states that Alpine windows come with lifetime warranty. However, what they don't state is that the lifetime warranty only applies to the original owner at the time of the installation. Alpine windows were installed in my home, which was built in 2006. 10 of the 30 windows have failed. When I tried to get the lifetime warranty coverage, because I was the 2nd home owner, they declined coverage. Alpine, a company that should no longer be allowed to remain in business! Jeff


08:05PM | 05/12/16
It seems that Jeff hasnt read the Alpine Warranty that specifically states that it is a transferable warranty. Also, Milgard and Alpine have extremely similar warranties, except that Alpine warrants their screens for twice as long.I compared all of the specs (NFRC and AAMA) that I could find and looked at both the Milgard and Apline windows. The specs and looks almost identical (with Alpine being a bit better)! I'm going with Alpine and saving a lot of money.


11:38AM | 06/28/16
Regarding warranty: Because of failed windows in a building that I am the original owner, I contacted the phone number on the web for Alpine Windows and was informed that the "name" Alpine was purchased by Associated Materials and that Associated Materials is not responsible for warranties on windows prior to them owning the company. The contact person informed me that "Reliance Building Products" was responsible for warranties on my windows but had no knowledge of contact information for such a company. I have been unable to locate any contact information. I agree with others: it sure looks like a scam to avoid warranty issues. Alpine and Associated Materials will definitely not be my choice in the future!


01:04PM | 07/18/17
Stay away from Alpine windows! They are junk and I was just informed that the "lifetime" warranty doesn't apply to Alpine windows produced before 2000. Associated materials informed me of that fact a month after I submitted a claim for 10 windows. The said that they purchased the name in 2000 and were released of any liability for Alpine windows after the purchase.


11:35PM | 07/18/17
I installed a 6/0 x 6/0 Milgard Tuscany slider in my cabin in the remote mountains of Arizona. During installation, after storing in my garage for nearly a year, a crack formed in the corner of the dual pane glazing. I called customer service and within a week or so, a technical came and replaced the glazing unit. No fuss; no muss. I was very impressed. The rest of my 25 windows (almost all of which have failed in some respect after only 10 years) are being replaced with Milgard Tuscany.


12:16PM | 03/06/18
There is really no compairsent between these two windows. Just look ate the hardware that Milgard has on the there window. It's way nicer than the cheap stuff you get from Alpine. And yes they both have a very good warranty on paoper. But Milgard sends out there own Milgade employees where Alpine subs to who ever thaey cannget and these guys show up and most of them are not trained and just try to come up with a reason why the window is not covered. You better hope that it's installedd perfect and that never happens. As soon as they find anything thats not perfect they can put the blame on the installer and then you can spend a bunch of time trying to figure out who is really responsable for the issue. Milgard will fix the windows even if the building has shifted as long as it's somthing that can be repaired they take care of there customers. Alpine if you are lucky enough to get someone to show up they will do everything they can to get out of the repair. they dont reppersent the company. Thats in Washington State i dont know how they treat customers everyware. And Alpine has an old warranty out there that only covers the glass no labor. I know of a customer of theres that paid to havve the glass replaced and the labor is not cheap way mopre than what the glass cost them. then the new glass failed right away and Alpine offerd them new glass and thats it. the customer ended up pulling the windows and replacig them.


04:59PM | 09/10/20
Purchased Milgard windows for our new house about 10 years ago. The screens lasted about 2 years and had to be replaced. The window cranks for the windows that had them rusted out within 3 years. Half of all of our windows to date have lost their seal and become cloudy. Overall very poor quality windows. The warranty and service is even worse. Milgard states a lifetime warranty. Nothing is farther from the truth. Milgard does not warranty the hardware on the windows at all, period! With a fight Milgard did repair the glazing on the windows. I will never buy a Milgard product again. Customer service at Milgard is a joke.Beware of these so called warranties !!!!


02:05PM | 08/17/21
How do these window manufacturers compare on quality and lack of failure of window

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