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02:49PM | 03/14/14
I have a 24 inch Grohe 28-620 shower bar installed for a shower head and 28-631 soap dish. The plastic soap dish broke. I can get the replacement part which has the chrome piece attached which allows installation on the bar. But how is the existing vertical shower bar removed from its connectors to slide off the existing accessory? One site said take off the end plastic caps and remove the screw and the bar will come off. Is it that simple? I don't want to have a problem with a difficult removal. Any help would be appreciated. I know there are expert plumbers on this site. I am also going to ask my plumbing supplier where I ordered the part. Thanks.


05:50AM | 03/25/14
I have the same question. Any insights would be appreciated! -John


03:26PM | 03/25/14
The vertical bar must be removed to allow the old soap dish assembly (soap dish attached to the chrome-like cylinder). It is not possible to just put a new plastic soap dish back on to the original plastic insert even if that is intact. To remove the bar, pry off the end cap from one of the brackets attached to the wall. Then remove the long screw which holds the bracket to a wall stud behind the tile. You should then be able to work the vertical bar off of the plastic piece that it inserts into. Once the bar is freed, slide the new soap dish assembly onto it. Reassemble the bar and install back on the wall and reseal where the bracket meets the tile. My plumber did have some difficulty removing the vertical bar. He only removed the bottom bracket. Grohe should have designed it differently to allow a simpler replacement of a cheap plastic part that is prone to break.


03:38PM | 03/25/14
To be clear, the shower bar must be partially disassembled to allow a new soap dish (and chrome cylinder) to be installed. Unfortunately, It is not possible to just put a new plastic soap dish back on to the original plastic insert even if that is intact which mine was.


04:18PM | 04/03/14
The simple, yet somewhat hidden solution, is the removal of the round cap at the bottom of the bar. It can be pried off with a small screwdriver or yanked off with pliers (be careful not to scratch it). It pops off(and pops on later).
Once the cap is off, you will see a single small screw at the back of the channel of plastic. The screw basically secures the vertical bar to the wall. As you loosen the screw you will see the vertical bar begin to move. It will eventually become loose enough and have enough play/room to slide off the existing broken soap dish and slide the new one on. I have accomplished this mission with only removing the bottom screw and leaving the top cap/screw untouched. Once the new dish is on, reverse the process.


04:53PM | 04/04/14
The reply from BV3786 is 100% accurate. That's how my plumber handled it. It is just a more complicated process with a Grohe shower bar fixture than it should be be for a simple replacement. Grohe has good fixtures but sometimes they are more difficult to deal with for repairs.


12:19AM | 08/22/14
So does just the silver plastic part come off or the silver and the off white piece inside? Looks like it could easily break =/


01:00AM | 08/22/14
Never mind, I figured it out. It's the entire piece. You can tell once you get it loose and feel on the back that the off white piece is all a part of it. Hope this helps some other lady =)


01:38PM | 11/06/14
A correction to the above. If the plastic dish is intact (you simply knocked it out) you CAN reinsert it. Here's how:
First, remove the plastic cap from a supporting post (bottom one is easiest) and remove its screw. Loosen the knob securing the soap dish holder all the way and slide the holder off the post.
Now you will discover that the nylon insert that gripped the soap dish can be slid (toward the soap dish-clamping end) about 3/8" out of the chrome sleeve it is in so that the clamp fingers are all clear of the sleeve (I tapped the insert with a screwdriver handle end while I held the sleeve in my hand to avoid scratches.) Now the soap dish can be reinserted into the clamping fingers since they are outside the sleeve (be sure the two narrow tongues fit into the grooves correctly)!
With the soap dish back in the clamping fingers, slide the clamping fingers back into the sleeve. You can then re-install the dish onto the post (get it right side up!) and reattach the post to the wall. Congratulations!


12:06PM | 06/13/15
Great post! It worked like a charm. Thank you!


11:38AM | 04/19/16
Great instruction from BV006217. Have this item for almost 20 years and now finally I could take the soap dish out to clean thoroughly. Have tried several times previously and failed. Thanks for sharing.


04:29PM | 06/25/18
I followed all of the instructions to no avail the screws keep turning and turning yet the bar never gets any looser. Any suggestions?

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