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03:38PM | 05/26/14
We bought our house several years ago and since day one, we have had a reoccuring stale/musty smell when the windows and/or doors are open. It doesn't happen when everthing is shut. I read a similar thread on this site about a sewer smell when windows/doors are opened, but this doesn't seem like a sewer smell. The smell tends to appear in two rooms, the laundry room and a bedroom next to a bathroom. The previous owner was a smoker so it seems that may play a role. However, the bedroom which smells has been gutted down to the studs and re-drywalled with new insulation. The ceiling was not removed, but we did drywall right over the original. We also replaced the carpet with hardwood. Basically, every surface is new. It's sad that we are adding so many great upgrades to the house (new kitchen, bathrooms, hardwood, etc.), but we can't open the windows. Any thoughts?



12:55PM | 05/31/14
Thanks. I'll check it out. Wish me luck.


07:01AM | 08/10/18
Hi, old thread but did you ever find what was causing the smell. Have same problem. Windows closed, no problems. Windows open there is a smell around the hallway.


04:49PM | 09/28/18
Same problem


06:07AM | 10/06/18
We have a home that my husband had built and we have a small lake behind the house and I've noticed the same thing. I've got severe mold allergies and it flares me up so badly, even when mold counts outside are low. The smell goes away after we close up all the windows and we run the air conditioning for a while. But it's so sad that we have a beautiful home on a lake and can never open the windows. Anyone know what causes this smell? I've been in the attic to blow in insulation and it's dry inside.


06:54PM | 04/17/19
Hi has anyone found out what is causing the problem. Have a new home we just build and we are having the same problem thanks.


09:08PM | 10/04/19
Did you find out the problem ?


04:14PM | 12/22/19
Has anyone shed light on this question?...7 years of this in my home has me frazzled.


12:33AM | 10/13/20
I am also wondering. The upstairs back room and hallway at times smells like sweat when the bedroom window is open


10:40PM | 11/03/20
Windows sill?


12:58PM | 01/25/21
Frustrating that I see so many people with the same issue as we have, yet no one seems to have resolved it. Anyone have ideas to help?


08:12PM | 03/03/21
Same exact thing in one bedroom of our new construction house. Built a year ago and it started happening as soon as we moved in and is continuing to happen.


05:22PM | 03/09/21
Same problem here. If I cone hone and wife has had a window open not only can I smell it as soon as I open the door. But sometimes I get brain fog and headache. Air pressure problem? Air coming down wood stove pipe? How has no one solved this?


12:04AM | 04/12/21
We bought a house and we have the same problem and it’s driving me insane . Our house is on a concrete slab and I’m wondering if there is moisture or possible sewage problems that dried up but there is a residual smell and when we open the window it is seeping out from the floor? I feel like we bought a money trap :(


10:45AM | 05/04/21
same it smells really fresh outside, then inside i have it smelling clean most of the time unless ive been working out a lot or theres the scent of what i was eating for dinner. but opening the window gets this almost tree like sweat smell. like if you rubbed dirt right upto your nose or something. not sure what it is. living in a small town in southern us


08:24PM | 08/08/21
It appear opening the windows seems to equalise the air pressure (inside will have positive pressure) with outside allowing airflow of affected area's.

I have a similar baffling problem with a bad smell in a renovated old house in Australia, seems to get worse when open the windows.

After 12 months we found that many rats & possums had urinated on the ceiling plaster and the cavities in the walls, air would flow on windy days through gaps and permeate via the porous plaster boards.

The smell had soaked into the baltic pine floor boards as well.
We had used a mirage of chemicals to clean it but the only thing the got rid of the smell on the floor boards was good old Baking Soda & white vinegar.

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