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10:13AM | 07/02/14
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I just bought a new house. House was built in 1950's. Ranch with an addition. Full basement that is fully finished. It has a sump pump, but no drainage in the basement. The sewer is overhead. At some point in the past, a large family room was put on as an addition. As part of that addition, an old concrete staircase that went from ground level to the basement was bricked off. There is now a deck built over this "stairway to nowhere" with a access hatch on the deck.

We have had a lot of rain in this area (NW Chicago suburbs) and have been in the house since May 1st. The water table is pretty high in my area and the sump pump runs a lot but it seems to be doing its job but it has been cycling a lot so I have installed downspout extensions in an attempt to get the water as far from the foundation as possible.

I have had two incidents of seepage since May 1st. Both times the seepage was limited to about a 10' length of wall and extended out about 3 or 4 feet from the wall. No evidence of any water on the drywall.

The old stairway is pretty much directly on the other side of the wall as the seepage. The stairway has a drain at the bottom of it, but there was a bunch of crud down there that maybe wasn't letting it drain properly. I suppose it is also possible that the drain is backing up during heavy downpours and the water is sitting there for a while before draining out. If someone could take a look at the pics and give me their opinion I would really appreciate it.

My plan to repair is:

1. Get a drain snake and run it through the drain to make sure that it is as clear as possible. There is some standing water in the pipe which leads me to believe that the pipe isn't 100% clear.

2. Run an extension cord down into the stairway and run a fan to dry out the seam between the blocks and the foundation as best as possible.

3. Seal the bottom 1' or so of the brick wall and the seam with hydraulic cement.

Any thoughts? Can anyone tell from the pictures if this is likely the water entry point? Thanks for looking!

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