11:36AM | 07/04/14
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Removing old wallpaper glue has damaged my wall. I wondered if I could just put Bin Primer over the old glue. Someone recommended fabric softener. Does that really work?

David, Moderator

09:16PM | 07/05/14
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Everyone you talk to has their own remedy for removing wallpaper glue.
Fabric softener, Vinegar and several others. There are also several different different brands on the market.
All of them work most of the time, depends on the glue.
I have never used fabric softener but I have heard that it works well.
Two pointers:
1) Use a large full bucket warm to hot water and rinse your rag often and change your water often.
2) Use a sanding block to remove any bumps or light residue after dry.
I would not recommend painting a heavy residue of glue. The paint will curdle and you will have a mess.
Hey, I hope this was helpful


12:43PM | 01/26/15
I hired a contractor to remove the wallpaper glue and then remud the walls. It looked fine when he left and then I went to put a latex based satin primer on and the wall started falling off on me. My only guess is that the contractor didn't remove the glue from the wall. I now have primer on my wall and it is a real mess. Is there anyone with an idea of how to repair this mess: wallpaper glue with new drywall compound on top and latex primer on top of that? Help!


07:30AM | 03/10/15
New Sheetrock same thing happened to us tried every thing else.


11:33AM | 04/27/15
I recently remodeled a room that meant removing wallpaper from 2 walls. I used the fabric softener method just to see if it would work and it did. I've done it in the past with a wallpaper steamer and it was a messy situation that I dreaded. I'm now doing our main bathroom that has wallpaper on 3 walls with the fabric softener method. I suggest using 1/3 softener to warm water in a spray bottle (Use Downy brand, the generic brand needed 1/4). Buy the alligator at a hardware store (it scores the wallpaper). After scoring the wallpaper spray the paper all over to soak the paper (do it in sections) but not to saturate thru the wall and let sit for minimal 15 minutes. Starting at the top corner using a plastic scraper to remove a corner and slowly remove so it doesn't rip the drywall paper. After removing the wallpaper respray left over glue, let sit for 15 minutes and with some elbow grease & ruff type towel start rubbing off making sure to regularly rinse in warm water. Constantly changing it and if you find a hard to remove spot use a plastic scraper. (Keep your water warm and fresh)


09:19PM | 07/10/15
I have read that old wallpaper glue can have asbestos and some products still contain it. Your site contradicts it.


09:23PM | 07/10/15
So about wall paper glue, does it have asbestos it it---some of the old glues? I've read that vinyl wall paper until a certain date had asbestos? Is that just like any wall paper but clearly vinyl coating? How to ID and not just have to test everything. And the glue? How does one get rid of the blasted glue in a 5 bedroom house if it has asbestos in it? All these updating of codes make folks spend money but then we get new products and later have to pay big to remove them cuz they also cause problems. Are there companies that test products and refuse to import toxins?
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