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11:59PM | 07/15/14
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Hello again. Recently had a company come over and give an estimate on waterproofing our basement. Hit us to the tune of 23,000$ I said hell no. He wanted to install a 2nd sump pit and do an interior/exterior perimeter drain. Now I only have one wall causing issues. I asked why we can't just do an interior drain on that one wall to relieve pressure. This would be convenient because my sump put is along this wall. The way I see it we could just add the interior drain and dump into our existing pit. I need to also do some slight regrading to exterior of that wall and I want to add a "French drain" along that problem wall about 3' down against the wall itself. I figure some pipe with holes drilled and back filled with epa gravel will catch that surface water. Can anyone tell me if they have ever heard of someone doing an interior footer drain on just one wall to relieve that pressure.
3/4 of our basement is finished so we decided to remove a section of drywall and paneling for the two other corners of the basement. After doing so both corners looked dry as a bone and didn't seem to have any issues. I will include pics. But he kept useing his 10$ moisture meter placing it on the block wall/floor and reading high moisture. I'm no pro but that cheap meter same as my firewood meter would probably read high moisture on 99% of basements. Also behind finished sections is visqueen and styrofoam. Now behind the visqueen there is about 4-5 tiny tiny drops of moisture and he claims all this is a sure sign of footer failure. I do not think this is as bad as he makes it out to be. As I said only one wall/corner has an issue which is unfinished and is our utility room. Can anyone throw some advice my way on my current idea for a one wall fix. Thank you all again
Pics of bad wall and 2 opposite corners of walls that were covered. 2 other spots mid way between corner and wall were also removed showing no signs of moisture. All walls except problem wall all have dry grey regular good looking block

Also house was built in 79. Thought of another question. My sump pit currently has 2 drainage times in it. A solid PVC pipe which points directly toward foundation wall. The other is black abs perforated pipe. The black drain hardly ever has water coming out of it and when it does it barely trickles at all. Now the solid PVC flows a high amount when we are getting dumped on. Can anyone tell me where these or how these are run/function. Picture shows the only two pipes that discharge into the pit. Other ones are non function and just recessed capped from plastic pit


04:00AM | 07/16/14
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Block walls, leaks/seepage.... need to fixed/waterproofed on the OUTSIDE, period.

NO interior basement drainage system will stop water (prevent mold, efflorescence etc),that enters into the blocks through exterior cracks and other exterior openings.

These inside system companies do not care to correctly diagnose peoples actual problems so, when they come over to your home they have ONE thing in mind REGARDLESS of your actual problem and that is to sell you an interior system.

Have many photos, videos etc of what I mean on a home inspector website.....
Go to ;structural forum;, see John Bubber etc and feel free to ask HI's etc THERE.

Anyone with a leaky, wet basement, cracks in walls, bowed wall etc should go there, again its...

--> Here's one real-example of what I mean.... PHOTO's

Homeowner paid $15,000+ for piece of junk interior basement system, walls continue to leak/seep, more efflorescence and mold on some blocks and some cracks widening.

That's because, as I said and know, interior systems and the companies who push this crap on homeowners do NOT identify/determine peoples actual problems, causes... the ONLY solution was to hand dig, waterproof OUTSIDE

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