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03:26AM | 07/22/14
To the person who posted the chemical smell problem - I have it too! I am original owner of a 10 year old house, slab on grade (no basement) in South Carolina. Smell started from middle floor of closet. Ripped out carpet, sealed floors, new padding and carpet. The smell "moved". Smell moved to my bedroom floors. Ripped out carpet, sealed floors, new pad and carpet. Smell moved to my bathroom and between door jams. There were no cracks in concrete and no visible water. Its so bad, you can lay a towel down on the floor, wait 5-10 minutes and then pick it up and you would be knocked over by a pesticide smell (smells like you soaked towel in can of Raid). Ive called pesticide division at Clemson and had everyone out here trying to figure out what it is - no one knows. I do NOT have exterior bug spray or termite treatment in years (but Clemson said that's not it because it would disapate - not get worse). None of my neighbors have problems. Smell comes and goes. Tonight it is so bad, you can smell it from the front door (and its raining hard outside. Anyone have any ideas? (and its not a dead animal - its been getting worse for the last 4 years, no cracks in floors, no water noted, checked with pest control, contractors, plumbers, electricians - just think about a can of Raid - that's what it smells like). No one comes to visit anymore and some even think I might contact a priest! Please help!


09:27PM | 03/02/15
Found this post on a google search... I would love to hear from the poster to see what they found or anyone else. I just bought a house in NC about 2 months ago. Recently getting that "raid" type smell up on my second floor.

Wondering what it could be. I did have Air and Heating come out and to check the refrigerant might be leaking... Nope... Just had the county fire department come out and they couldn't find anything but smelled it also. We do not have carpets its all bamboo (2nd floor and tile 1st floor) Its isolated to one spot in the house and starting to grow in area. Its really strange.

Please email me at



09:31PM | 04/07/15
Im original poster.
Had 3 different plumbing companies come out. They all smell it but found nothing. I tore out pieces of drywall around the home (yes - its making me that crazy!) to see if there was a mold issue causing the problem. Nothing.

Not only has it continued to get worse, but it is spreading. Its almost unbearable and we are confined to living upstairs with the windows open.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated


03:24PM | 07/08/15
Is there any spray foam insulation in the attic? Almost makes me think there is something synthetic that is outgassing.

Emma Tayor

07:37AM | 07/10/15
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I had the same sort of issue in my basement. I used the dehumidifier that helped tremendously. I suggest you to try this one. Might be it will become helpful for you..!!

Good Luck..!!!


10:07PM | 04/14/16
Are any of your neighbors pest control person?


05:10PM | 05/16/16
Did YOU Ever find a source? We have same issue going on one year. No one can ID. Your symptoms describe exactly our same issue. Help!


07:01AM | 06/20/16
Has anyone found the source of the raid smell? We have it outside, I suspected farmers but, have reason to think it is not. I researched for any plants/trees that smell JUST LIKE RAID, nothing. After reading here I am suspecting the septic system and glad our problem is outdoors! How can a septic system smell like raid? Did anyone ever get any answers?


09:57AM | 09/30/16
Had a house built 3 years ago and the walk out basement concrete stinks. We thought it was the carpet so tore it out. It wasn't. I smelled the concrete and that's where it's coming from. I'm wondering if the concrete has flyash in it and it's gassing off. I can't even go down there.


02:01PM | 10/11/16
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I do not have an answer...but i do have the same darn issue. It came up a few days ago. I thought it was Freon but I learned that Freon is odorless. The weird thing is that the smell comes and goes. Two story cape built in 1988 in MA, No HVAC, forced hot water 2 zone furnace in basement, separate water heater. The smell wanders from room to room for random periods of time (several minutes to several hours) and then completely goes away. I have not smelled it in the basement.

I'm posting because I smelled "raid" in the neighborhood a day or so ago.

A Raidy-refrigorator-airconditioner smell is the best I can come up with. The sites I've visited all say "just keep sniffing" but I'm getting dizzy!


04:25PM | 05/10/17
Hi...Im the original poster..again. no luck and it gets worse. Thank you to the poster who suggested a dehumidifier. I bought 2 plus 2 high end air purifiers that run 24 hrs a day. Smell comes and foes but some days its unbearable. To the poster that said his was "outside". In another subdivision, workers were digging up pipes and plants at a gated entry to a Country Club and when I went by, I smelled it! Its crazy! Im going to try a Rainbow Machine...companycomes out and uses a charcoal system to clean air...ill let you all know if it works.


12:56AM | 12/22/17
Has anyone figured out the source of this odor? Our garage started smelling like pesticide two days ago. We have lived in the house 10 years and never experienced anything like it.


12:17AM | 01/27/18
I have the same problem. I just had the fire department out and they can smell it but can't identify where it is coming from. They said that the smell seemed to move and would be strong in one spot and then disappear. The smell was strongest around sewer pipes where they went in to the soil. The smell was very similar to fingernail polish remover or acetone. No body can pin it down. It's crazy. Maybe it's the ghost of a dead bug that I killed with raid! Lol


01:06AM | 02/19/18
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Hi Guys, I have the same problem like this. My house is 10 years old and when I checked the status of my basement it stink very bad. After that my best friend suggest me that for these kind of work, professional should be hire. And I hire a piling contractors for basement work, you can also hire a from here. And I am fully satisfied with their work.


08:13PM | 05/28/18
Hi all, I think I have an answer for you.. My garage started with the nasty smell a couple of weeks ago and I could not find any source, it got so bad I hated going in there as it gave me a headache. The barn was built over 30 years ago with no issues until now. After reading all these posts it got me to wondering if it was the stack of bagged cement left over from a project. It has been there for about 5 years now, covered with a tarp. We took the tarp off and by this afternoon, the smell has gone. So, is there something in the concrete mix itself? Just an observation, I hope it steers you all to a solution, maybe sealing your floors or ?


11:44AM | 08/29/18
I was chopping down some mini bamboo today in my backyard in Tulsa, OK and noticed it smells EXACTLY like raid pest control. Anybody who lives by these plants or has bamboo in their house might want to take a closer look at them possibly causing the raid smell. If it isn’t the bamboo itself maybe it’s something that initially grew on the bamboo such as a fungus that’s made itself at “home” in your home.


06:08AM | 12/31/18
BV005076, I bought this house 3 years ago and I started having problems in the garage 3 weeks ago, it smells like pesticides, some days the smell is not too bad and some days I can't stand the smell like yesterday, have solved your problem?


10:06AM | 03/22/19
Has anyone found a solution yet?


08:07AM | 03/25/19
Did you ever find out what was causing the odor?


10:00PM | 04/02/19
Please tell me someone found something that caused it. Our of no where my kids bathroom reeks of pesticide. I won’t let them in there. It’s only in the bathroom. Help!


07:04PM | 07/08/19


12:04PM | 07/14/19
I just moved into a brand new development and I’m having the same issue. It’s a smoky chemical smell. It’s in all my clothes now too. I can smell it coming from one wall in particular. It’s like fumes coming from the walls. I catch a whiff time to time when walking through the house. The whole hiss and garage has the smell. When I live for trips and return after several days (doors and windows all shut and no ventilation while I’m gone) the smell is horrific! It’s a nauseating smell too. I can taste it in my water if I leave a cup of water out. Management can’t figure it out. I think it’s whatever material they used to make the walls because now that it’s summer it seems that the walls are heating up and releasing more of this smell.

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