11:29AM | 06/01/06
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As I have read on this site, Hurd doors and windows are a no no. When the "repairman" came and replaced the glass in the door, the door would not lock. He came back in and beat on the lock. I locked it after he left and now it will not unlock. That was two weeks ago. What do I do. I am not comfortable having this repairman come back and Hurd accepts no responsibility. The latch will not come up and I think the three bolts are engaged. Help help


02:55PM | 07/14/06
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I am curious to your comment "I know Hurd windows are a no no on this site". Why? I have searched the site but have not been able to find much info - positive or negative.

I'm new to windows and am considering Hurd, but would like to find out pros/cons.



08:40AM | 07/17/06
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go into the search on Bob Vila and put in "complaints of windows and doors from Hurd." This will tell you soooooo much. Their title should be "customer no service".

They have had class action lawsits, have been proven to lie and don't care whether you are satisfied. I will never purchase anything but Anderson. Their customer service and quality are wonderful!!!!!!


11:51AM | 07/17/06
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Thank you for your response, I actually ended up finding it. Not sure why my first few searches didn't work...

So, if you prefer Andersen does that mean you prefer the vinyl clad to aluminum clad?

We live in the SF Bay Area, so have a very moderate climate and are shaded by Oak trees, but I'm starting to go in circles trying to find a window that is afordable, not 100% vinyl and has the simulated divided lights.


01:15PM | 12/19/06
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One experience is all you need to recognize that you would never again purchase a Hurd product. As you can see in other messages, the service is so terrrrrrible it has no words for description. We built a new house using Hurd products since it was recommended for the weather conditions north of Toronto. For starters - the window order was wrong all over the place - windows that should not be primed..were and vice verca for others. Windows that were ordered as openers.... didn't open and those that should not have been openers arrived as openers. The door had to re-ordered 4 times before they finally got it right.Now it is 6 months later and we still do not have all the screens, no one has arrived to ensure proper operation of each window (which is part of their contract)and we don't even have all the latch covers. They make appointments and we take time off work to be home and they do not arrive at all and do not even have the courtesy to call and cancel. It has been a mess. Unfortunately is does not matter if you try to deal with the local representative or head office - it's all the same. No sense of accountability or responsibility to the customer. Never again a Hurd product in this home!


07:06AM | 01/10/09
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It sounds like most of the problems are yours and beyond that, the responsibility of the dealer or installer. Did you even check the order for accuracy before you placed it? Hurd is resposible for the warranty, and the accuracy of what they make, but you need to be sure you know what you buy. And Hurd is not the one coming to your house, it is the distributor. wise up and sop whining.

the window guy


08:12AM | 01/10/09
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Are you drunk or do you work for Hurd? They were installed correctly and the contractor is not at fault. The windows were and are defective and Hurd will not stand behind them. They leaked from day one. I wrote to everyone including the C.E.O., all to no avail and now they are bankrupt. $60,000.00 to replace them is something to whine about, especially when you don't have $60,000.00.


06:20AM | 01/14/09
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Wow you must really be a Hurd dealer!

The order was checked but the shipment that arrived did not match. The architect, the project mgr, the site mgr and the dealer all had the same correct information yet somehow you still think the homeowner is responsible. In case you are wondering, everybody was paid in full, so that is not the issue.

You make the comment that Hurd is responsible for what they produce and the accuracy – yet you are not willing to hold them accountable when what arrives is either incorrect or defective.

We have broken panes due to stress cracks and imbedded nails that even Hurd has acknowledged were a manufacturing defect. They are also cognizant of the safety issue of a 4’ crack that is held together with duct tape, but it does not seem to matter to any of them. Several other windows have seal failures. Three years later we still do not have all the screens and there are many missing parts.

Hurd has sent a couple of replacement windows to the dealer but he can't be bothered to install them. They've been sitting there for almost a year. He also will not allow an independent installer to do the work. I am curious to know what you propose as a solution. If you have one, we are listening.

Windows are a very expensive investment. This forum allows people to discuss the types of problems they encounter with many products, including Hurd. By communicating these issues, we can all help someone make a better informed choice. Blaming the homeowner for these types of problems is shortsighted and unwarranted. It is a very legitimate whine.


06:59AM | 01/14/09
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as a window and door buyer their is a set system of ordering windows

1) customer brings in plan to distributor or dealer

2)dealer or distributor works up quote according to plan or customers specs

3)dealer or distributor then gets with customer to go over quote to confirm everything is correct according to customer and plan specs

4) upon windows needing to be order dealer or distributor will or should get customer signature showing everything is correct on order

5) dealer or distributor orders from manufacuture

6) manufacuture sends back order acknowledgement which confirms right windows were ordered compared to order from customer

7) upon delivery from manufacuture dealer or distributor confirms windows arrive as shown on acknowledgement and plans

8) upon delivery dealer or distributor should get signature from cusotmer stating that correct windows were delivered to their job.







EMAIL: [email protected]


07:16AM | 01/14/09
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Sounds like you have things well organized and likely have better results. I wish, now in hindsight, that we could have followed the process that you have or at least something similar.

In our case, the architect and the project manager were the people with whom we had the meetings. They then placed the order with the dealer and theoretically ensured the order was correct. We have never been allowed to see the detailed order sheet, supposedly due to profit margin confidential information

For the front door, we did eventually have an opportunity to see that specific order sheet and it was perfect....the door just didn't arrive according to the order - 4 times.

How have you handled the defect issues?
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