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09:52PM | 09/15/14

I'm a first time home owner, and am looking for some serious advice. My wife and I bought a brand new inner city duplex infill unit in Calgary Alberta this last May.

Our master bathroom is on the top floor. The other September night, my wife had a jacuzzi bath (which she has done many times before) and when she drained the tub, the water came through the pot lights on the main floor ceiling, and then through pot lights in the basement ceiling. It was almost as if the bath water drained out a completely open pipe. This was no small leak, there was a shower in three pot lights in the middle of my living room! I called the builder over that night, he help cleaned up the mess and arranged for the plumber to come over first thing in the morning.

The next day, the plumber opened up the ceiling drywall, saw the obvious water damage. We filled and drained the tub by nothing happened. We tried this about ten times (including me jumping in the bathtub while it drained) and each time, it drained perfectly. It has been about a week and we cannot reproduce the incident. The water drains perfectly every time. The glue on the joints of the drainage pipes looks good, and neither the plumber, builder, or myself could find any cracks on a visual inspection.

Our builder is understandably a bit reluctant to fix everything until we can find the problem. However, he hasn't been very helpful in trying to assist with finding the problem.

So I have NO clue what exactly happened and I'm looking for some advice on what might have caused the flooding, and also, what I should do to investigate the plumbing. I would sincerely like to be able to reproduce this incident. This has been very frustrating for me.

The only other factors potentially at play:

1 - The dishwasher was on (was it a back up? but why all the way up to the top floor tub and not the main floor kitchen sink). I have also tried draining a full tub of water of various dishwasher cycles, but no luck.

2 - It was an unusually cold evening and it was snowing outside. (Our bathtub is situated in one corner of the house, touching one exterior wall and only a few feet from a second exterior wall).

3 - The builder shut off the main water to the house the night of the incident, but only for a couple hours.

Any suggestions would be extremely welcomed.

Thank you,


06:09AM | 09/16/14
I came across a tub once that would leak when the water would reach the overflow and start running into it.

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