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01:15PM | 03/10/07
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My craftsman door opener will not go down all the way and Sears said I need to bring it in for an adjustment but will not tell me the cost . I took the cover of and there are not many adjustments in there . Can anyone tell me what needs to be adjusted ?

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03:52PM | 03/10/07
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What is the model number of the opener?

Just what does it do when stops? Does the light flash or do you hear a clicking?

There are 4 adjustsments.

Up limit, Down limit.

Up force limit, Down force limit (on some models there is only one force limit).

The adjustments can only be done with it installed and they are matched to the door.


04:25PM | 03/10/07
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It is model number 139.53964SRT.

I tried the adjustments on the side of the opener and it would not go down all the way . It stops about 2 inches short. It clicks when it stops.




07:09PM | 03/10/07
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If it clicks about 5 times (or the light flashes about 5 times if the light is working) then that indicates that the safety eye was "blocked". Make sure that they are aligned and that secure and not moving around as the door closes.

Disconnect the door from the opener and make sure that is is balanced and does not bind when you manually close it.

Chamberlain makes the Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Sears units. They use common parts and designs.

This unit uses the same control board as yours so the adjustments should be similar. Although some of the details might be different such as where the light is and what side the controls are on.

follow the adjustments starting on page 28.


04:47PM | 03/11/07
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I tested the door today again and tried all the adjustments with no change. It will go down and stop for a second around 1 inch from the floor and go back up. There is no clicking and the lights do not blink. The guy that installed the new opener on my neighbors door said we need to take it into sears for an adjustment on the head unit.Is there anything else they can adjust on the inside of the unit?




05:24PM | 04/11/07
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The reason why it won't do down all the way is because it is either hitting the door stop switch too soon, or the torque screw is set too low.



04:06PM | 08/01/14
I have a similar problem except my ancient Sears unit doesn't have the safety sensor beams and it stops about 2 feet from the floor. I've adjusted the down limit to its maximum to get it that close.

When I started, it was stopping a good foot or so higher, so my success with the travel limit shows it's not the down force causing the problem. It's something in the unit itself.

It's set up identically to the same model on the second garage door except that unit actually closes properly. Presumably there is something inside the casing that is causing the problem.


03:23PM | 12/11/19
My sears starts to close but stops and opens back up after traveling about a foot, no blinking lights either


01:12PM | 12/02/20
My garage door opens on 1st press of key pad but when I try to close it the opener light flashes and I have to press and hold key pad until the door closes totally. Adjusting the down adjustment screw doesn't solve the problem. Can you tell me how I can get it working properly. Thanks
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