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09:29AM | 07/13/07
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I read the posting from April 2007 on sound reducing windows. It was very informative. I have been researching sound windows for some time now in preparation for an addition that is now underway. I live adjacent to I-275 in Michigan. Noise attenuation is my biggest concern. The addition will get north, south and west exposure with the highway on the west side. Would installing two fixed windows on the west side be a wise consideration? The addition will be a bricked 2X6 construction using Quiet Rock 525 drywall, insulation R value of at least 13 using either blown-in or batt insulation along with radiant heat flooring system combined with forced air as a supplement in the winter if needed. My biggest concern are the windows. I have ruled out Milquard and other vinyl windows because they would not blend in with the look of the existing windows. I am considering: Pella Designer series. This product has three panes of glass consisting of argon-filled, Low E InsulShield insulating glass,appears to have stainless spacer bars and one interior hinged glass panel that could accomondate either cellular or metal blinds between the glass. The glazing system would be 5/8" laminated IG 3 mm clear HGP. The STC is 38 and the OITC is 31. My second consideration is Loewen Tranquility Glazing System. Tranquility is only available on the dual pane casement window which test out at STC 40. They do not have a OITC rating available. Loewen exterior glass is 1/4"(6 mm) 13/16 (21 mm) air or argon filled space and 7/32" (6.5 mm) pane of laminated glass on the interior. They have a aluminium spacer bar that is filled with a dessicant material. Installion of the windows will also include a low expansion foam and window and door installation tape. Can you give me any feedback on either of these manufacturer's quality, performance or anything else that may help me decide along with any other advice that you may have that will help this project be successful. My email address is if anyone out there has had any experience with either of the above mentioned window styles or has addtional advise to offer.

Thank you in advance, Sandra


12:21PM | 07/13/07
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Both options you're considering have pretty good STC ratings. You're headed in the right direction. Too bad one doesn't publish OITC ratings; as mentioned in our previous discussion the OITC ratings are more helpful. Click here for the previous discussion:

I have three brands of windows in my home, including Pella Designer series with between-glass blinds. Work great and significantly reduce sound. However based on the stats you mentioned the Loewen has great STC ratings. Loewen's air space is curiously wider than normal; it would actually be more energy efficient with a smaller airspace and with a non-aluminum spacer, but perhaps that's how they get a better STC rating. If you go the Loewen route I like the idea of fixed windows where possible; they would filter the sound even more, and you wouldn't encounter a potential sag issue from their very thick glass possibly adding too much weight. Impressive numbers though.


01:18PM | 07/13/07
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Thank you for your quick response, hadn't even thought about the weight issue. Called Pella and was told they redesigned the hardware to all stainless to address this. Also called Loewen and was able to get an OITC rating on their Tranquility window, OITC 31, same as Pella. Will also give additional consideration to keeping the two windows,47x53, facing the highway fixed. On the north and south walls there will be casements 35x53. I wish I could consider double hung so in the event these don't dampen the sound enough I could go to plan B and add an exterior operating storm which will not be possible casements. But casements, I know, have the best seal. Both Pella and Loewen have aluminum spacers. Is there anything else you can think of to help me make a decision between the two manufacturers? Thanks so much for having this terrific platform to ask these questions of.


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