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07:49AM | 12/03/08
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Have Pozzi windows installed throughout house and 80% have failed. In internet searches, I've found this to be a common occurrance. Has anyone filed a class-action lawsuit against them? If not, there should be one.



01:44PM | 01/26/09
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I recently bought a large 1984 home that has lots of pozzi windows, including 6 french doors, 3 patio doors and lots of their windows. Most of them are clouded over and or moisture in between the windows. I found 'pozzi 1989' on one of the aluminum strips. I also wish we could get them replaced by the company!


04:24PM | 01/26/09
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I do know that there's a 10 yr. warranty and mine are for "original owner" only - not sure abou a warranty from '89. I can't figure out the "original owner" clause - doesn't make sense to me. My guess is they think no one will own their home that long so that's their "out".



08:05AM | 01/27/09
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Sounds like I'm out of luck too. Sure wish they would stand behind their product...


12:24PM | 03/03/09
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Our house was built in 1991. We bought it in 1994. As soon as we moved in we began having trouble with the Pozzi windows. We have a lot of them--at least 28. They leaked. They fogged up. We had to replace at least 10 of them. Pozzi would not honor the warranty because we were not the original owners. The builder blamed the painter, who blamed the roofer, who blamed Pozzi. This makes no sense. We've had to spent a lot of money replacing these inferior quality windows. I tell everyone I know not to purchase Pozzi, now Jeld-Wen windows.


03:46PM | 05/05/09
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I remodeled my house- twice. I replaced all my windows and doors with PozziJjeld-Wen Product.

The French doors have leaked from day one...and as time has passed more doors are failing.

There is wood rot, plaster damage, and probable mold etc...

I've spent the last 3 years contacting Jeld-Wen. The head honchos have done everything they can to delay, explain away and obfuscate.

They even tried to tell me that the reason the doors leaked was because they were installed to open inward.????????????????????????????????????

I do believe they are delaying so limitations will kick in- and I'll be left with major damage and a lot of frustration.

Run, don't walk away from any Jeld-Wen product.


09:46PM | 05/21/09
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Our custom windows are only a year old and so far they have had to come out atleast 10 times to replace the tracks, make readjustments, replace broken plastic pieces, etc. Simply ridiculous as I specifically wanted to purchase the top of the line windows (all wood) and were told these were the best - HA! What a joke. We spent much less on two other windows in our home and they have had zero problems. Now I have a contractor saying it is the window company's fault and the window guy saying the contractor messed up while I sit and have non operational windows. Not to mention who knows what the windows will be like in 5 years! I would have already had a new car if this was a new vehicle under the lemon law.

I agree with one poster we should file a lawsuit against this company or something. And nothing like the repair guys coming out to our house and looking at the windows and saying "Ohhhhhhhhh you have those Pozzi windows, hmmmmm" Gee that makes me wonder what I did get b/c I thought I got Jeld Wen so why do they say that statement?

I included a photo of the lock not being able to latch and notice the paint that has come off from trying to force it closed since it was first installed! Oh and all the bugs that have now entered our home b/c the windows don't seal properly!! And the little black thing to the left is something that just fell out of the track when I opened it yesterday -- woo hooo another piece of ?? broken. Nothing like spending 20,000 on custom windows that you can't use.

6646 frustrated with pozz


07:58AM | 05/22/09
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Not to mention that the inserts on the side stick so bad you spend two minutes pressing them off the window and you can see light coming through since they do not seal properly. You get as much cold air through these windows as if they were open.


01:21PM | 10/15/09
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In 1989, Pozzi had a 5 year warranty on glass, one year on wood part's. Most window company's have at one time, had a seal-failure problem. Pozzi's problem was the altitude at which these glass units were produced. Pozzi was required to install (breather tubes) to compensate for the change in pressure. Units shipped to mountian regions fared well, while unit's shipped to the north, east or midwest failed terribly..Pozzi also utilized a (single) seal on their insulated glass, rather than (dual) seal used by most manufactures.

Kenny Shalek

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02:17PM | 10/16/09
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Hello, in 1989 Pozzi's glass warranty, Was 5 years on glass, 1 year on wood/clad parts.

Kenny Shalek

Senior Installer / Sales Technician

K & K Window Service

Custom Doors & Windows, Chicago, Lake Geneva, WI, Milwaukee, WI


06:03AM | 11/09/09
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Your window is not square. Get the guy that installed it to come and fix it.


10:38AM | 11/15/09
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Has a class action been filed? We built our Montana home in 1997-1998 and have had the same seal failure problem and have had to replace windows over the past 10 years. There are now another 8 windows with the 'fog' showing up that need to be replaced, too. Jen weld will give us the window glass free, but will not pay for installation costs.


10:41AM | 11/15/09
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I was told I have a 20 yr. warrantee on my Pozzi windows installed in 1997-1998. BUT, they will not pay for installation of replacements (I have the fog up broken seal problem, too).


11:36AM | 05/01/12
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I too have had problems with Pozzi windows since 1998 when I specified and had them installed in two remodeling projects. I have not specified them since 2001,because by then there were already too many seal failures....and they are still having seal failures.
And now i am beyond the full warranty replacement period. I just had 5 sashes replaced on one project out of 10 sashes still remaining on the project.

On a separate project where I specified over 45 Pozzi windows (French casement, awning, double hung) we have had over 21 sash failures!
We are about to replace 4 French Casement sashes and 1 Awning sash which I ordered 6 weeks ago, and since then, 4 more awning window sashes show seal failure.

We are now replacing them at 50% material cost with shipping included ....luckily. But the Labor to finish the interiors and install them is not included.
AND.....I wonder if this will ever STOP...or will we have to replace EVERY sash in the house.
Has anybody heard of a class action suit to compensate us purchasers for these Lemons?

.I specified sash replacement kits on one project


01:31PM | 02/28/13
I spec'd Pozzi windows for my home in 2000. I am an Interior Designer and have never had so many problems with a window company. I have since had them all replaced under warranty, some 2, 3 & 4 times. I now have two more windows that have broken there seals that need replacement.

In the process of replacing windows & doors in the past, Jeld-Wen has repeatedly sent incorrect windows even with a copy of the original order. I have waited for correct windows once up to 9 months.

Jeld-Wen now wants to charge 20% for my replacement windows when they have failed to make a window yet that can last more than a couple of years. This is no longer an original Pozzi window company failure, it is a Jeld-wen company failure.

This is a bad reoccurring nightmare. I am about ready to replace all windows & doors, repair stucco/drywall, interior trim, stain/limewash and send them the bill. This is a very expensive option compared to making a few windows that actually stay sealed.


04:20PM | 06/29/13
I just want to find someone in the Pasadena, California area who can replace the fogged glass in my Pozzi windows. I can't find a window repair guy who has a clue how to get the glass out of the windows that do not open. There has to be a way.


10:56AM | 06/30/13
Just to add to the discussion, we built our house with Pozzi windows in 1999 . There were problems from start to finish with leaking sashes, defective weather stripping, etc. The repairman came many times and was unable to fix the problems, so they sent us replacement panes and actually flew out someone from the factory to install them. He joked and told us" your windows were probably made on a Monday". The glass seals began to fail in a few years, and at present 60% of our windows/doors are opaque from condensation. Pozzi is long out of business. Jeld-Wen is handleing the warranty issues, and the price they gave me for replacements was just below the cost of full window replacement with Andersons or Pella.......The whole issue was a total nightmare.


01:41PM | 07/25/13
I sold these windows in the mid/late 80's and they were extremely expensive as contrasted with other (well known) windows. We had a ton of complaints that were difficult to resolve (installer blaming Pozzi....Pozzi blaming the installer etc.) and our customers were caught in the middle. Our company had to give away several jobs of windows to avoid possible lawsuits....never again!!


08:01AM | 08/09/13
Andersen windows reign...cpr


06:34AM | 08/31/13
I am a builder in NC. I make it a point to never recommend a window brand to a homeowner. I have them do their own research and I quote the brands they decide. The one thing I do tell them:: "go online and read reviews. You never see many complaints with Marvin. Choose wisely." That's the extent of my recommendation.


03:46PM | 10/28/13
I wish I had known about this site 12 years ago when we chose Pozzi windows. They have been problems from the get go. First, they styles on the sliding glass doors were too small to support the size of the windows without warping. Then there were leaks at some of the sliders and several of the casement windows--all blamed on the installers (not inappropriately but it wasn't all their fault). We got to the know Pozzi/Jeld-Wens customer service people well. Some of them were here days at a time. Increasingly in the past 3 years, the dual pane seals have been breaking down and the only fix is replacement. Today, I found that we have 10 more windows-awning, casement, and fixed-that have to be replaced because they have bad seals. Jeld-Wen has said that they will provide the windows "one last time" but we have to pay for the removal of the old windows and installation of the new ones. All of our windows are just over 10 years old.

For the most part everyone representing Pozzi/Jeld-Wen has been professional, helpful, and nice. But the product SUCKS big time. No one should buy their windows and doors. Go with Pella--they have enough sense and pride to insist on installing their windows with their own crews.


05:36PM | 12/02/13
Yes I have Pozzi windows and yes I have some that are starting to fog installed 1996 have been in contact with Pozzi/JELD-WEN
and they state they can help over and over send more info yes we can help but getting nowhere.


09:27PM | 03/26/14
Well I can only add more of the same. We have tens of windows and some 6foot sliders. The moisture makes it impossible to see out of many of the panes. Wow I would never use them again. Outside the warranty period of 10 years makes this a huge mistake.


07:57PM | 04/15/14
I built a new house in 2000 and put Pozzi throughout. Double hungs, half round, quarter rounds totaling about 45 windows total. After 10 years, 2 large picture windows 2 casements, 2 half rounds, 1 small fixed and all double-hungs (14) that see direct sunshine (temperature variations) have gone bad. Due to the 10 year warranty, I only received partial rebates buying new replacements, but at least they fit the window frames. The dealer said the problems with the older windows are fixed with the newer ones. They are built different, but only time will tell if they hold up. Replacement windows don't come with latches so you are on your own, and some are made for 2 latches where the old window style has only one. Mine have all fit pretty tight and I do all my replacements.


08:28PM | 08/12/14
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I live near Bellingham WA. Where can I purchase Pozzi window seal replacement material?
Thx for the info.


11:52AM | 02/08/16


06:40AM | 03/25/16
My friend have installed impact resistant windows and they are effective in hazardous situations as well.
Even I am thinking of installing the same. Has any one experienced it with impact resistant windows.


03:58PM | 03/12/19
Built a mountain cabin in 2002. No problems with pozzi, jeldd wen windows


11:35AM | 09/21/19
I built my houses in 1999, and have Pozzi double hung wood/ individual divided glass windows throughout the houses (many, many windows)...My contractor choose Pozzi, said they were good...Well, so far after 20 years no problems...I live in NO California, 3 miles from ocean...I did or do have 1 bad window with a problem so far, a small 4 individually glass swing out that has gone bad..However Jeld-Wen are very difficult to work with....Hope for the best

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