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08:50PM | 02/02/16
We purchased our home in May and this winter I've noticed several areas in the textured ceiling that appear to be blister spots. They are no bigger than an inch or two and don't seem to follow any pattern of being near water pipes or where nails/screws/tape joints might be in the underlying Sheetrock. So I'm fairly confident they aren't areas of water damage or caused by unprimed nails/screws.

My guess is that the original textured ceiling was unpainted and at some point the former homeowners decided to have it painted and blisters formed due to poor adhesion or paint shrink. Then these blisters eventually cracked with the natural movement of the house. Any other theories?

When I feel the areas around these blemishes, I can hear the difference of the "good" and "bad" adhesion but I can't see through the cracks to see if the texture has peeled away from bare Sheetrock or just from a layer of paint. I'm hesitant to make the blemishes worse by cracking off the flakes in case I don't get around to redoing the ceiling for awhile. I ultimately want to scrape off the texture for a flat or knockdown look, but I want to make sure the problem is completely taken care of before all that work.

The ceiling is seamless through our entryway, dining room (has a fireplace), kitchen (has exhaust fan), and formal living room. The blisters are scattered evenly through all these rooms, so I don't think it is caused by something like the fireplace/etc or else there would be concentrated areas.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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