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When you consider the proportion of your time spent in your home – sleeping, working, relaxing, playing, entertaining, cooking, dining, hobbying and enjoying the company of friends – it becomes clear that when you want to improve your quality of life, it’s the place to start. Liveable, loveable home surroundings are the epicentre of your sense of comfort and safe nesting in life.

So, here are 7 great ways – big and small – to help you create a sense of happy sanctuary and bring a fresh new lift to your inner spaces.

1. Shake it up!

Depending on the layout and types of rooms you have available to work with in your home, try re-purposing rooms to create a totally different feel and effect when you want a real change. For instance, if you find yourself spending a lot of time hanging out in a small bedroom, but you have a large rumpus room going to waste, why not consider switching rooms and making a spacious new master bedroom in the rumpus space, with plenty of room to move around, relax and spread out in comfort?
Repurposing the laundry room in older homes is another great way to free up space. A laundry sink, washer and dryer can fit neatly into a dedicated compact cupboard, or be incorporated as part of the kitchen or bathroom. Suddenly you have a room you can put to other good uses – like maybe that art room you’ve always promised yourself, or a spare bedroom or study! Look at your layout laterally and see if you can breathe new life into the way things ‘have always been done’ in your home spaces. Shake it up.

2. Get a Grip!

Door knobs and taps are little things that you might handle dozens of times every day, without even thinking about them. But these small pieces bring a tactile quality of their own each time you touch or turn a handle or tap. If yours are squeaky, old or tired, why not change to a new look and feel? Doors, cupboards and sinks benefit instantly when you replace worn-out, loose fittings with shiny new knobs, taps and mixers, or beautiful, unique door handles. Little upgrades like this bring new touch sensations to replace old routine patterns, and can also provide delights for the eyes, in any room. Refreshing yet economical!
3. Put up a Good Front!
Your home’s entry is a significant threshold to your inner sanctum. Make it one that reflects your individual taste and style. Consider the instant effect of replacing an old front door for new, or even painting wooden door panels with your own bold (or subtle) design. Maybe you can add a paved pathway, planter boxes or a garden bed, to add a welcoming appeal to your pad. Attend to crooked and broken fence palings or rusted gate hinges and restore your home’s presentation. An appealing front entry gives you a proud lift and a warm glow when you come home to your castle.

4. Renew and Revive!

For tired old fittings, fixtures and furnishings that have seen better days, remember – a change is as good as a holiday! The good news is, whether it is a fixture, like a new bath tub, shower, sink or toilet; a needed appliance for the kitchen, laundry or elsewhere; or some furnishings for dining, rumpus, lounge or bedrooms; there are stacks of brand new and quality bargains being found by people every week. Dedicated renovators take advantage of auctions where building materials and home appliances of all sorts can be purchased for a fraction of normal retail prices. There are so many small and large improvements to your home that can be achieved so much more easily when you tap into the resource of buying at auctions. Find out more and GO FOR IT! Renew and revive your surroundings.
5. Deal With Your Stuff!
We all know the game: You stuff things into boxes and file them away for storage … for that day in the future when you might need or have use for them. Then when you do need the thing, you go buy a new one anyway, because the one in the storage box is too hard to get to! Meanwhile, more and more storage space is getting used up holding remnants from the past, which we carry from place to place when we move – sometimes without even reopening the boxes!
You’ve got to be brutal and prune down to what you CHOOSE to keep! Old sentimental items and furnishings can be magnetic traps when it comes to selecting what to keep for posterity and what to let go.
You might have a flare for ‘retro’ but for most of us, when it all boils down to it, there is a lot of “stuff” that is just extra dead weight we carry with us through life. High school trophies … Gran’s stained wedding dress … photo albums by the box load. Let’s face it – it would lighten the load a lot to clear some spaces. Consider the fresh outlook and good feeling that comes when years of unneeded, accumulated “history” held in storage boxes, cupboards and sheds is simply thrown out, or maybe condensed down to a USB stick of photos and documents. The less “stuff” we carry through life, the clearer we are in the here and now, and no more so than in our own home.
Updating your storage solutions and cupboards makes good, practical sense and it is worthwhile to streamline your home’s functional aspects and liveability.

6. Colour Your World!

The colour schemes you surround yourself with play an important role in the “vibes” you create for your home space. Choose reds and browns for warming, nourishing and earthiness. Orange tones can be emotionally comforting; while blues, aquas and greens are good for achieving more serene, relaxed moods. Shades of yellow can be sunny, bright and good for mental concentration and focus. Crisp white or off-white creates a sense of spaciousness, especially in smaller rooms where dark colours can feel confining. Light sand and latte coffee shades go well with white trim to create a clean crisp backdrop for visual highlights.
A fresh coat of paint works wonders to lift and revive a sad old room. Supplemented with complementary or contrasting splashes of colour in cushions, curtains, wall hangings, art or rugs, you can create a new and exciting look that inspires a liveable, loveable feeling in your home once more. The lovely deep greens of well-placed potted plants can provide final touches to make your home space all the more welcoming.

7. Sound Advice

Apart from the practical and functional aspects, an enchanting atmosphere in your home is created through all of the senses: sights, smells, textures, tastes and, of course, sounds! Consider installing double-glazed windows or sound-proofing for walls if your home is near to traffic, to help shield your space from noise intrusions.
Then create some sounds of your own! Add resonant tones to your garden retreat, or outside your bedroom window, with pleasing light-pitched or deep, bell-like wind chimes, as you like, and feel the atmosphere take on a different dimension with each breeze. Let the ambience you create soothe and replenish you, your family and visitors.
Making your home more liveable and loveable might involve major designs and renovations, inside and out, or it might be as simple as changing the energy with some small but effective makeovers. Either way, the bottom line is how you feel and respond to the changes. Start somewhere small and, if it feels good, work your way up to creating your grandest designs!
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7 ways to creat home

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