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02:54PM | 03/29/00
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I recently purchased a house that is about 100 yrs. old and we have ladybugs everywhere. Please tell me where thay come in from and how do I get rid of the ones I have and prevent others from coming in.


12:39PM | 03/30/00
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Try this for other buggers.

Also here is my results when I ask Jeeves at

It's all here.



10:32AM | 04/03/00
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Thanks to COPO for your info on my ladybug problem. I haven't tried any of the solutions yet but I plan on it very soon. Thanks again!!


04:24PM | 05/19/00
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Oh, those poor harmless Ladybugs! I just counted about 10 of them on my window sill, all dead from the winter (I don't clean very often). They don't bother me, in fact I kinda like seeing them crawling around, they're very friendly.


01:20PM | 06/23/00
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you should check with you local ag exstenson and see if they can put you intouch with a "harvester" not sure if that is there true name but these people seek out and gather ladybugs to sale for commercial use. They are the people that find the bugs for the little bags of live ladybugs you can buy and the nursey. You will not be destroying any and maybe even make some money off of the deal.


04:54PM | 08/22/00
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Ladybugs lay their eggs in areas where they've been staying awhile, so you'll probably keep getting them unless you get rid of them as you see them. A good way is to vacuum them up as you see them, but be sure you empty the bag regularly or you will get QUITE a smell that will stick with the vacuum. We got invaded and that was about the only thing that got rid of them for us. They seemed to hang around the warm spots -- like lights.


08:50AM | 08/25/00
Before you remove all these ladybugs, remember the lady bug is a good insect, they prey on aphids, which is a plant parasite. If you have a garden you want these ladybugs around to help control the aphids


08:55AM | 08/25/00
Also, the aphids excrete a sweet liquid that attract ants, the ants in turn protect the aphids. Point being, if you have ladybugs, there must be aphids around, where there are aphids there will be ants. If you destroy all the ladybugs you may find yourself over run with aphids and ants.


04:29AM | 08/29/00
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You may find that if you wait a year or two they will decrease naturally. 3 years ago a friend who lives 20 miles from me told me they were suddenly overrun with ladybugs. The following year, I had the same experience. Last year, much fewer. They seem to come and go. Try waiting.

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