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08:46AM | 08/12/00
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I live in Va, can someone give me a solution for getting rid of all flies that keep coming into my house. Help!


11:58AM | 08/18/00
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We found a product Vermin X at Costco that you plug into an outlet. It's supposed to repell insects. We have found it to work fairly well for crawling bugs, but don't know why it wouldn't work for flying ones. Good Luck


04:22PM | 08/22/00
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We used one of the "Wasp Catchers" that you can find at Lowe's in the garden center. It looks like a large jar and has white tubes in it. We hung it on a corner of our porch for the wasps, but found it also caught the flies. We found the best bait was honey dribbled into the jar and on the tubes, and about 2-3 cups of very warm water poured into the bottom of the jar to get the honey melted into a nectar. You may also want to see if you have or had an area with some garbage or decaying something or other that created lots of maggots. Washing out your trash cans my help.


07:01AM | 08/23/00
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I also have lots of flies about my log home. Could they be attracted to the finish on my logs? They are no nearby trash piles, horses, cows, etc. to attract them.


09:48AM | 08/23/00
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I've been told that Bradford Pear trees are pollenated by files, and attract them. (This should only be a problem during the season when the flowers are on the trees.)

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