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10:26AM | 09/27/00
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I am planning to use the existing telephone wiring in my house for networking 2 computers located in the bedroom & study each. I installed all the components on the computers and connected them to the phone jacks in each room. At this point they are supposed to be able to "see" each other (network). However, there seems to be some problem with the internal wiring as the 2 computers are unable to network. I have eliminated the possibility that thare may be something wrong with the computers/software, by running a long telephone wire between the two and connecting them directly. When I didi this (ie. connected them directly) they were able to network.
Any ideas on how I can check where the fault lies in the wiring? BTW, both the jacks that the computers are connected to are funtioning properly.

Thank you.


07:18PM | 09/27/00
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If you have,or can obtain a Microsoft new PC
manual, it outlines what you need to network.From what I've read in just skimming the networking section,the phone line should not be a problem,but there are other components (hardware) required.


09:45AM | 09/28/00
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One possibility:
If you have a "message waiting" sound on your phone line, it will prevent the computers from working properly with each other. Also, a fax or other equipment can be the culprit.
When I have a message I cannot connect to my internet provider until I clear the message. Also, I dial *98 to access my messages. Unfortunately, that's the code that "turns on" my fax machine and makes it try to "auto answer". So, I can only use one at a time.


09:53PM | 09/28/00
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Both jacks are using the same phone line I assume. Just a thought. Is the harware you have specifically for use with phone lines, using rj11 connectors? I don't mean to insult you.


05:34PM | 10/03/00
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Try connecting a phone to either jack and get a friend to pick up one phone while you pick up the other. Now, see if you can talk to your friend over the phone (you'll also hear a dial tone, but ignore it). If you can talk to and fro, this means your phone lines are connected and the problem is elsewhere. If you cannot talk to your friend, the problem is with the phone line. Hope this helps - let me know what you find.


04:38AM | 10/05/00
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Did you install the phone jacks in the rooms or were they already there? My guess is that somewhere along the lines, all four wires are not connected. That may be on the phone jacks or it may be in the basement. The phone only needs the green and red to work. Networking (I think) would need the black and yellow wires also.


10:18AM | 10/27/00
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I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that you can create a network connection by using the existing phone wires that are hooked to telephone company equipment. This is NOT feasible for connecting your computer ethernet card to... The fact that the jacks are "working", (ie, you get a dial tone when a phone is plugged in) tells me that this DEFINITELY will not work as a way to network the PC's. Connecting a computer to this will probably take your phone "off hook" and then nothing will work.

If you can use a "long phone wire" between the computers, what kind of cable are use using?? Standard ethernet type wiring requires an 8-wire connection, or possibly the leftmost 4 wires of the 8 wire RJ45 connector. If you use the existing wiring, you're not getting a "direct" connection, you're piggy backing onto the telephone company's connection with all sorts of electrical "things" in the way. Plus you're only getting the inside 4 wires of the 8-wire connection??

I really believe you need to start over after reading up on what is actually required for this connection. I got the "cable guy" to install 8 wire CAT 5 cable in my house when we added a couple of extra cable jacks, installed a cheap ethernet hub and we're working great.

Good luck.

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05:17AM | 03/13/19
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For computer networking, telephone wire will be useful and by the post, we can understand how the process of networking is being done and how the telephone wire is being used here.

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