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08:08PM | 08/03/18
our washer water empties out into tub (comes up through the drain), because the lint and animal hair is constantly clogging the drain pipe. I've become fed up with constantly pouring drain cleaner on the problem, as it solves nothing and is bad for the pipes and the environment.

The washer empties directly into the pipes, we do not have a laundry sink. I have looked into buying this filtrol contraption that goes on the wall, but don't want to risk leaks. Ive thought about using the "panty hose on the drain hose" solution, but not really sure if that is doable or practical on a set up that does not drain into a sink.

1. is the pantyhose idea doable for the setup I have described?

2. if not, do these frontloader washers with drainpump filters catch any significant amount of lint/animal hair to be of any use to me? or are they mainly for catching coins and buttons ect...

3. any other ideas or tricks on solving this lint issue? I saw someone mention using a laundry bag and tying it around the agitator... has anyone tried this, if so how do I do that?

A plumber is not an option, my fiance is not ready to spend a ton to fix this problem by invasive and expensive means. we are about to get married, so I thought if the frontloader with the drain pump filter would make a difference we could put any gifted money towards a new washer...

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