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02:43PM | 11/16/18
Help a not to be mentioned paint store provide an interior latex primer that got applied to exterior wood siding but before it was painted with exterior acrylic latex "lifetime warranty" paint the error was discovered and they described the following to remedy the matter and guaranteed it would be a solution to any expected paint performance issues.

Now here we stand a few yrs later and haggling over blame and remedy. In the meantime according to laws here I can't sell without disclosing this known defect that would cost upwards to 30-40k or more to fix if estimates from vendor sent painters are correct.

Following their recommendation the home was power washed and the exterior coating then applied leaving on the latex interior primer they assured wouldn't cause any issues.
The painter they hired to power wash and give a bid to paint said he wouldn't touch the house because all the entire primer must come off for him to guarantee the job with any sort of warranty.

Of course the paint store disagreed and within a year the job had issues with peeling,popping paint that's literally unzipping and releasing from good new and properly prepped older boards.

Now the paint store's tech dept says never should been given that recommendation that the interior primer is to immoveable to be used under exterior paint on wood exterior surfaces.

Had a painter sent again by the paint store to estimate and recommend a fix say cheaper to replank with new siding masonry also warned the latex primer acts like a water balloon over my house while under the exterior coating and it will slowly rot my wood?

The store support tech said the paint would pop right off which is precisely what's happening and the latex primer water balloon thing is all wrong.
Please offer your help.Just trying to get to the bottom of this as the company want me to paint again without removing the interior primer and every professional painter says along with the own tech specialist that this is wrong headed and asking for future problems

One footnote the detached garage same siding as house and the front that has cement board were not interior primer affected and it's both but more importantly the garage that had less prep done than the house which was prepped higher at the paint store reps request
are wearing beautifully so it's apparent because my home became a testing ground due to this fact.

So the theory of what would happen has been and born out in practice at my home so it's tested fact here that the interior primer thing is bad,causing popping at will and premature failure of adhesion for no apparent reasons on clear painted and then repainted boards. The odd thing and the paint teh said it would pull right off a varying rates so that's why it had to come off..but the thing is the new boards that were put on for repairs then interior primed and repainted per instructions they peeled the fastest. Then the highly prepped areas failed and now some areas on the 80's addition lumber that's clear smooth,flat and repainted areas showing deterioration in an accelerated fashion. With the paint unzipping along the edges of boards where zero prep was performed as noted clear smooth 100% coverage and retention from previous 2-3 paint jobs since placement.

Just need guidance on solution if the big contractor painter they sent is right that latex primer creates a water balloon around house and if left on even if cement board like Hardy is put over it properly will cause wood rottage and delamination.In fact indicated this appears appears to be occurring since this was done in 2012 popage occurred almost immediately in some areas and appealed for relief cause paint started failing within less than yr after completion and followed up with appeals in yrs to follow as well.
All to no avail.

What should be done and how can the vendor that made the error in the beginning and then compounded it by claiming and then fostering me with a falsehood that the interior could and should stay on to achieve the best result be held accountable as getting stonewalled.

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