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02:10PM | 12/01/01
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We are in a newly built house and there is water in the second story bedroom closet. Also, we have just had our first heavy rainfall for the season. Coincidence? I called the developer and he sent someone to check for the leak. He first took a hose and watered the entire roof, then he went into the attic crawl space and checked everything from the inside, including any pipes, but he could not find any cause for the problem. He said everything looked dry to him. The water is only on the closet floor, the walls are dry. Help! He said to call when it rains again. We did but he was "too busy" to come. Thanks for any helpful information.


03:22PM | 12/01/01
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Hi Antonia,
Sounds like a roof leak to me!Normally,plumbing leaks are continual,condensation leaks from insulation or HVAC issues happen in all sorts of weather,and roof leaks occur when it rains.You can keep after the builder or check for a roof leak yourself the next rain storm.Rarely do leaks come from a hole in the roof which is directly over where you are getting the water.Since leaks "travel" you need to follow the closet wet spot backwards(probably up a roof rafter).Come back if you need additional help.


07:39AM | 12/03/01
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You said the walls of the closet are dry. Presumeably the ceiling is dry as well.
Is there a light fixture in the closet? Sometimes water will drip through a fixture from above.
Is the closet carpeted? If so, could a leak coming down inside the wall have gotten into the carpet?
If no fixture and no carpet, I don't see how a leak from ABOVE could get the floor wet without wetting SOMETHING else in the closet. (You said there's "water in the closet". I assume that means on the floor.)
Did you have a strong wind when it rained? and if so, was it coming from the side where the closed is? I'm thinking of an outside wall leaking. Does the closet have a window?
To at least find out where in the closet the water is coming from, try putting newspaper on the floor before the next rain, then watch it carefully. In fact, next time there's a heavy rain, go in the closet and wait and watch - if you're home.

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05:17PM | 01/02/17
I live in condo their is a condo on each side of me closet inside not against another condo what would cause the carpet inside to be wet walls or dry


07:08PM | 01/02/17
Trying to find out what is causing water in closet

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