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01:47PM | 05/03/19
I have been having a strange odor now for a long time. Most prominent when my forced air heater is running. I smell it throughout the house. It smells smoky/sulfury/cinammonlike. It is very hard to characterize. It gets so strong that I smell it with every breath. I get burning eyes and a headache and feel nauseated. My HVAC guy has checked my furnace multiple times and my system is only a few years old. He said nothing is wrong with it. I change the filter with the best type I can get every month. I bought a very expensive air purifier and even that doesn't get rid of the odor. If I don't have the heater running, after a few days the odor usually goes away. It is intermittent--I'll have the smell for days, and then just like that it vanishes. My HVAC is a closed system, so no real fresh air gets in. I am at my wit's end trying to figure out what it is. My neighbors smoke, but we have a cinder block wall between our townhouses, and it's not really a cigarette smell, nor is it a creosote smell (and my chimney was recently cleaned). I am losing my mind with this awful odor. I've tried tracking temperature/humidity/barometric pressure/wind. It seems to often start in damp conditions but not always. Help!

Jordan Bronson

04:04AM | 12/05/19
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Does it have... Weird Sweet Smell Odor, Rotten Veggie Smell or Garlic or Cabbage Add Sweetness or Sweet Tobacco Smell.... VERY hard to described? Cause Burn Eyes, Nose, Throat or Lung Irritation or Choking Like Coughing. Headaches and Nausea - Nauseating, Pungent, Sickening, Sicken Smelly, Queasy, Respiratory Issues, On and On and On.....

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