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01:13AM | 03/09/02
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I've heard rumors about a property you had somewhere in the Back Bay a few years back.
Is it true you did't have the proper permits from the City of Boston?If so what happened?
No reflection on Norm but I give him all the credit for teaching you which end of the screwdriver to bang a nail with.
Theres not a tradesman in Boston,save the few that get on TV/w you,that would work with you,never mind for you.That includes union and non union craftsmen,a unifying issue.You are a total turnoff for the day to day men and women out in the field.
Norm & Tom seem to be great and knowledgeable guys,how they put up w/you is beyond me and a lot of others.It must be the money.
You sir are a legend in your own mind.
Now that I think of it you might be good fodder for Howie Carr on something I never saw on the show,dirty laundry.
Stay tuned... PTN 02122


08:47AM | 03/09/02
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Dear PopTop Nonothing,
Did someone pee in your cornflakes? Did you put your boxers on backwards? Are you frustrated about something?Did you wake up with one nerve left in your body and you yourself got on it? While I respect the living daylights out of Norm Abrams and Tom Silva, we all have problems with permits. Usually, the noodle at City level screws something up. I've also had inspectors come to my job, sent by the city, that had absolutely NO knowledge of what they were inspecting. I resent the H E double Ell out of an inspector that needs his or her knowledge taught to them. It is very obvious by your post that the only experience you have in renovation is what you thought you learned from the TV shows. Renovation, my Dear Sir, is an ongoing education. Mr. Vila knows that and so do all of the people involved in that business know. So, before you blast anyone, walk the mile in their shoes, get your head out of your fourth point of contact, and deal with people such as yourself. And in closing, while I would dearly love to get in a battle of wits with you, I, in all fairness, think it unfair to take advantage of someone that is only half armed.


05:09AM | 03/12/02
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Regardless of your opinion, one thing is sure: going onto someone else's bulletin board for no other purpose than to take cheap shots at them is not cool.
If you don't like the board or the person who owns it, don't use it.


06:03PM | 03/14/02
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Sorry for the delay in replying,I'm trying to negotiate a deal w/PBS and the BV name keeps coming up.
Stay tuned all of you BV wannabes.
Much more to come,it only gets better.
Be back in a week or so w/more info.
In the meantime:
Iceman,are you a roofer ?
Ads in a local paper,BCP have an ad for Mr. Iceman Co. 617 416 0581,no business address.
If thats you,you have a sorry web page,1200 some odd hits on the counter and did I miss the responses?

Does Bob really "know it all"?
If your in Boston the TLC/***** ads say it all.Bob "knows it all".
It makes us want to puke.
I and my friends wince when we see those ads,pathetic. PTN 02122
Bob who ? )
Hi Norm,Tom,Steve and the rest of the good guys,probably under a gag order,we understand.


09:15AM | 03/15/02
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I,m not a roofer by trade, but i'll make you look sick. I find sometimes it's best to ignore idiots such as yourself and you'll simply go away, or contact your ISP and have you deleted. You just don't get it.


10:55AM | 03/16/02

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