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12:55PM | 06/27/19
This spring we had all of our windows replaced. The last two times that it has rained we found that ALL of our Windows fogged up on the OUTSIDE. And today, with the rain continuing ... we now have THOUSANDS of tiny droplets of water on the Exterior of several windows. The ability to see out has been severely impaired and I am disgusted and very disappointed that new windows would do this! Many of the window websites say this is normal. What is normal about not being able to see out your windows?!! And what am I to do ... squeegee the windows after each rain?? Living in the Lower Mainland of BC.. we are susceptible to rain 80 percent of the year. I feel that the argon gas is failing and not working properly. We even get this if there are several windows open throughout the home. I am frustrated and sick at the thought that I have spent thousands of dollars on windows, that I cannot see through! And I am very very concerned about what will happen when the raining season actually does start! I have attached pictures that were taken from the interior of the house, please note: ALL the condensation and fog is on the Exterior/Outside of the Windows.
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02:22PM | 06/27/19
That is strange. I would try rain-x, it's for your car but I would mix some with water and wash the windows with that.


07:04PM | 06/27/19
Thank you, I will give Rain x a try. Sad that I am resorting to a chemical that is used on car windshields. Considering my New Windows do not have windshield wipers,( ha ha ) if this continues ... it will really become a big issue. New windows should not fog up and create droplets of water on the Exterior after a rainfall. Given that we are in the lower mainland of BC, and we get rainfall 70-80 percent of the year, that means my windows may be fogging up more often than not. I really think there is an underlying issue with the windows themselves. These were installed by Starline Windows, a large BC company. But I am now starting to regret using them.


02:49PM | 06/28/19
I'm not so certain RainX will take care of your problem. On my RainX treated car windshield the rain will do exactly how you described your current problem when the vehicle is parked! Rainwater will pearl and just sit there! Only while driving at higher speeds will the wind clear the windshield.

I'd give my windows a thorough cleaning with white vinegar. This should cut the film your new window glass is covered with.

Good luck!


03:46PM | 06/29/19
Thank you ! I will try the vinegar treatment and hope that it stops water droplets from forming when it rains. Now, if I could find a solution for Exterior fogging happening on my windows at dusk til dawn I would be happy. So far as I am aware, no one else is reporting exterior fogging on new windows.


10:05PM | 07/16/19


06:59PM | 07/17/19
Living in BC there is a relative humidity range from 62% in July to 88% in December. When the humid air hits the cooler window surface they fog on the exterior due to the humid condition where you live. When the sun comes out and warms the window the droplets should disappear. It has absolutely nothing to do with your argon gas or low e coating. The windows will fog in between the panes if the "seal" has failed and then you loose your argon gas.

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