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08:08AM | 11/24/02
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I just purchased a Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener won't close unless I hold the wall control button in until the door reaches the floor. When I press the wall control or remotes and release, the door closes a few inches and then reverses with the lights blinking 5 times.
The door opens just fine from either the remotes or wall control, but not the keyless entry.



09:36AM | 11/24/02
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I tired adjusting the plastic screws that adjust the speed of the door (up and down screws on the side of the opener)

when i try to close goes completely down...and then the door opens automatically now...

Jim D

12:09AM | 11/25/02
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Hi, the screw adjustments you were turning aren't door speed adjustments...they're the door limit switch adjustments that tell the motor how far up and down the door should go. It sounds like you currently have the DOWN limit set a little too far. As soon as the door closes, the motor tries pushing it a little ****her and then the safety mechanism (which senses if something is in the path of the door) kicks in and raises the door.

What you can do to set that DOWN limit is open the door and then get into position where you can adjust that limit switch. Close the door - as soon as it reaches the fully closed position, slightly (1/8-turn or so) adjust the limit switch opposite of the direction the little arrow points. This should stop the door from opening back up and will also tell the motor that the current door position is fully closed.

You may have to do this a couple times to get it set exactly the way you want it, so there's no gap between the bottom of the door and the garage floor. I've seen on older models that if the door stops slightly short of its mark, adjusting the limit switch in the desired direction a little at a time will cause the motor to kick on momentarily and will move the door in the desired direction. You'll get it to the point you want it without going through a complete door opening/closing cycle. You can adjust the door open position by doing the same thing with the other limit switch. When you're done adjusting, run the door through several complete opening/closing cycles to be sure it functions properly - no blinking light at the end of either track.

Also, as you may have discovered, the light blinking is a visual indication that the door exceeded its maximum position - the motor cutoff kicked in and stopped pulling/pushing the door. You cleared the problem as you adjusted the limit switches. I hope this helps - have a great Thanksgiving!

Jim D/Heathsville, VA


02:36AM | 11/25/02
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Another cause of the door not closing and the light blinking is that the safety sensors are not positioned correctly. They "think" that something is blocking the door.
You didn't mention if they've been working OK before now. If so, check to see if they've been bumped, or if a wire has been knocked loose.

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