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04:52AM | 02/07/03
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I have had several contractors come by and look at my bathroom which will be remodeled in the near future. The problem is, I have been told different things and don't know who to believe.

First, the majority of the contractors have said that they won't need to tear out the bathroom and bedroom walls (including the studs) but another has said they will have to.

Second, the tub drain is a "straight" drain (there is no catch) that leads to the basement. One of the contractors wants to replace it and the others have made no mention of it.

Third, since I am looking at a whirlpool tub, one contractor wants to upgrade to a 50-gallon water heater (I currently have a 40) but the others have said nothing.

Can anyone help me out.



05:41AM | 02/07/03
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You didn't say why one contractor wants to tear out the wall. You need to know why.
(Is this the same one who wants to replace the tub drain, and is that why he wants to tear out the wall?)

How big is the whirlpool tub you're ploanning? If it's large, a 40-gallon water probably won't be adequate (especially if it's electric). I have a large tub and a 50-gallon heater. Most of my hot water is used up when I fill the tub, and the electric models take quite awhile to heat more water.

It's important to ask questions and be proactive. If one contractor suggested something that the second didn't mention its ok to ask the second one about it. Maybe they just didn't think of it. They shouldn't be offended by questions, and it's the only way you'll get really comparable estimates.

For example: It's possible that some of them just didn't think about the possibility of needing a larger water heater. (Did you actually tell all of them thing about the plan for the tub?)


08:51AM | 02/07/03
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The one contractor wants to tear out the wall so they can slide the tub in instead of having to take it through the doorway. The drain is in the basement so it's not an issue of access.

The tub is going to be 60 x 32.5 x20.5, which is just slightly larger than the one we have now. Our water heater is gas but it is older(not quite sure of the date but some suspect it is from the 70's).

I have been consistent in telling the contractors what I want but I should have asked more questions while they were here.


01:35PM | 02/07/03
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The only plausible reason to tear out a wall would be if the tub wouldn't fit through the doorway. Or perhaps to make more money. I'd get a smaller tub...

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