04:42PM | 02/12/03
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This is not a typical question you might find in this forum. I am a long time (25 years) collector and historian interested in beer cans and other brewery advertising items. During remodeling or renovation projects of houses, warehouses, churches, etc., beer/brewery items such as beer cans, beer bottles, bottle caps, signs, serving trays, bottle openers, etc. have been found. I am always interested in acquiring more items, especially old beer cans that used a "church key" (can opener) to open them or the cone top cans with a bottle cap on them (these look like old brake fluid cans). The beer can first was available for sale to the public in 1935 (Richmond, Virginia) so cans may be found in 1930s-present vintage buildings or from older renovation projects. I would be very interested in purchasing these types of items from those people that might happen to find these things during your remodeling project. Feel free to contact me at any time, even if it's just to "talk beer" or brewery history. I am not an antique dealer looking to sell these items, just a collector who truly appreciates this part of American history. Many of these old labels are true works of art. I'll look forward to hearing from you!


05:45AM | 02/13/03
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Hi nickkessler,
maybe you can help me. I've been looking for a Web site or other way to find out if there's any value in an unopened can of ale that was a special brew, once-only, in Wales to commemorate the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
I'd have to go look, but I think it's called "Prince's Ale".
I've searched the Web a few times, but not found anything helpful. Suggestions?


06:43PM | 02/13/03
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After doing some work on my 23 year old house, I was trying to add a couple of sockets to my diningroom. I drilled, and pushed my fish wire in, after about an hour, with no luck at all, I was so cross, I kicked a hole in the drywall, only to find 11 Miller bottles, and a Wonder Bread Bag.

No wonder my fish wire would not go through. Needless to say, these bottles are all now in very very small pieces now, long left my humble abode!


07:20PM | 02/13/03
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Hey rpxlpx--I don't know of any specific web sites that might be able to help you. Have you tried searching for the beer name or brewery name listed on the can? You might also try searching for UK or English breweries or beer. Not sure where that will lead but might get you somewhere. Can you send me a picture of the can and I could circulate it among some of my collector friends.......might be worth a shot at a little more info. Sorry can't help much...........had it been a US beer can, I could likely have told you quite a bit of history on the can. Good luck. Steve aka nickkessler


01:34PM | 05/05/03
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My father recently passed away and, in his belongings, I found some old beer cans like the brake fluid can you were talking about. But they don't have caps. There's a '76 ALE (made in Terre Haute, IN), an Oertels '92 Lager Beer (made in Louisville, KY), a FEHT'S X/L beer, (also from Louisville, KY) and a Billy Beer can. I stuck some silk flowers in them, just because they were unusual. Do you know something about any of these?

Bob Jr

03:34PM | 05/06/03
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If you want to sell beer cans, try looking on eBay. There is also an association named Beer Can Collectors of America ( This group is more into connecting members so members can trade beer cans. They don't like associating a value to the beer cans.

I have a few cases of cans from the 1976 bicentennial. Every beer company made commemorative cans that year.

Since the advent of aluminum and the printing processes I gave up trying to collect cans. It is so easy for beer companies to switch the labels you can not keep up.


04:31PM | 05/16/03
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A woman found a beer can in a crawl space while remodeling her home. She decided to sell it on ebay. The opening bid was 19.99. The can sold for $19,000.00!!!! Yep, you read that right. So it pays to check ebay for items that you're not sure what they are worth.


06:03PM | 05/16/03
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In reply to Happytrails, yes there was a can on ebay that sold for over $19,000 but after that one was sold, the lady found 10 more of the same can. This can isn't even that rare of a can, but the great condition got folks with deep pockets excited. This can is not worth $19k but that is what happens in auctions, a couple people get into a bidding war and before they realize what's happening, the price has skyrocketed. Auctions are not a tell all determination of what something is worth, rather, it is the amount a person is willing to pay at that given time. It's fun to fantisize about auctions like that but this particular situation was not the norm for experienced and well informed bidders.


04:52PM | 05/18/03
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I didn't hear about her finding 10 more cans. Good for her! I don't know anything about beer cans so therefore I would check ebay first. Ebay has a lot of people bidding and looking for items. My only point was that you may be able to find out how much people are willing to pay for things. Things are worth whatever the market will bear. The lady with the beer can was lucky, there was more than one person interested in that can and they were willing to pay for it. I had heard that the buyer of the can was very happy with his purchase and even sent her a gift after he received the can. You just never know what people collect and how much they are willing to pay.


07:03PM | 05/18/03
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Yes you are correct in that auctions do bring out some added interest in things and when you have 2 (or more) people interested in the same item, you never know how high the price will go. Yes the initial purchaser of the can was happy (from what I've read and not first hand knowledge) and after the lady found the additional cans, she apparently sent the guy a second can. The purchaser was thrilled with the can and even sent the lady a gift basket for Christmas. When all was said and done, a total of 13 of the cans were found which made 13 collectors very happy.

If anybody else wants to talk beer cans, please let me know.

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