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10:17AM | 09/28/20
hey there! i rent the first floor if a triple decker (1880-1900 era) and would love some peace of mind / info on why a house might be completely tilted. We just moved in and we've realized the house leans pretty significantly to one side. I've lived in my fair share of old and crooked buildings in New England but this one feels different - it's visibly very slanted. Our tables, furniture, everything is noticably at an angle no matter where we place things. If I were buying it I would have run away, but since I'm renting I'm just paranoid and anxious about the integrity of the building.

A couple things freak me out about the house - I can't tell if this is normal, 100 year old house settling or a result of adding a steel reinforcement to the basement that then put everything else out of whack:
- there was a steel beam added to the middle wooden beam in the basement at some point. that is the high point of the house and it essentially is "downhill" from the middle toward the right. they poured concrete around the support posts and all this concrete is cracking around the support posts.

- certain door frames have gaps between the plaster and the frame large enough for me to put my finger into. meanwhile, the bedroom closet frame looks like it's literally collapsed into the plaster - you can't see half the casing because its sunk into the load bearing wall next to it (the wall supported by steel beam in basement). doors and windows do not shut properly, at all.

- you can see the lean from the outside if you look carefully. the entire front right side of the house is tilted. also, the floors are "bouncy" in various spots.

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