08:00AM | 09/24/03
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Help - After living in our condo for three months, the neighbor below is still complaining about hearing us walking around. She has complained several times and has now left a message on our answering machine that we are rude. We need suggestions on what we can do (if anything besides not walking on our floor) and what we can recommend she does to help minimize this problem.


09:26AM | 09/25/03
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Since noone has answered you I will give you ideas that I have. Nothing to scientific.
1. I would hope you're already watching what you wear. No high heels or dress shoes. Only bare feet, socks or tennis shoes.
2. What about some rugs in high traffis areas?
3. Kill her with kindness. Ask her if it is all over the floor or maybe just one or two spots squeaking. I guess we need to know what kind of noise it is. Ask her if it is one time of day like early morning. Maybe you can make changes to your routine.

Soundproof Bob

11:35AM | 10/16/03
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The other posters were correct when they advised you to keep the peace with the neighbor, but as it stands that may not be possible, I think you can relate to what I am saying here.
There are many things that you can do to soundproof your floor from voices, TV, stereo, and answering machines etc. traveling downstairs. This also includes impact noise as well which would be transmitted down to the disgruntled neighbor. The methods used will depend largely on what type of floor covering you presently have. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you have some seriously hard surfaces and that is precisely what the neighbor is hearing when you walk. When you walk across a hardwood floor with, say leather shoes, it sounds like the inside of a stereo speaker to the lady down below. This I know from first hand experience!
To do a proper soundproofing job, you're going to have to resign yourself to installing carpet and pad. Now the carpet and padding will be installed over a material called Mass Loaded Vinyl. I would recommend the (MLV) with the foam backing which is expressly designed for under carpet use. This material will be rolled out onto your subfloor (wall to wall), and the the seams will over lap. I would recommend caulking between the over lapped seams as well as all around the perimeter of the rolled out (MLV) (use only approved acoustical caulk), then you would nail the carpet tackless (tack strips) directly through the (MLV)into the subfloor and then simply install your new carpet and pad directly over the vinyl underlayment. It's that simple! It's definitely NOT Rocket Science!
Now if you are able to make peace with the neighbor (basically have the wife bake a bundt cake or cookies) and both of you go downstairs and discuss the soundproofing issues with her. Ask her about specifics and tell her to be perfectly honest with you. It may hurt to hear the truth, but it will also put you on good terms with this woman. Once you have done this and she realizes that you are sincerely concerned about her well being, then she will be an asset in helping you with your soundproofing project, plus, when you have established a relationship with her, she will be much less likely to be leaving nasty messages on your answering machine.
Ko, I have been doing soundproofing for many years now, and I think I have dealt with every soundproofing issue there is, I once even helped a guy soundproof a Motorcycle helmet. Go Figure? That was a trick.
The bottomline is simply this, there are methods of soundproofing your condo effectively, but if you have the help and the support of the complaining party, you have half the battle won. May all of your future days be happy and quiet.

Bob Orther
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12:02PM | 10/16/03
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Thanks for taking the time to respond to our concern. We are not really interested in covering the beautiful hardwood floors - which were a big selling point when buying the condo. We are not wearing shoes in the house and are going out of our way to be quiet. We are actually looking for things that she can do to help her block out some of the noise - i.e., drop the ceiling and and put some soundboard in between. From what we have heard at our association meeting, others in the building are having similar experiences.

Soundproof Bob

02:23PM | 10/16/03
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If you need more information about floating a ceiling go to:

Ko, I hope this helps, I know what it's like to have a complaining neighbor.

Soundproof Bob!

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07:03AM | 12/05/08
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I’ve actually heard of this problem a lot…I work for an acoustics company called Acoustical Solutions, and we get calls all the time from home owners in your same situation. What I like to recommend is a floor underlayment. It is an environmentally friendly rubber based product made from recycled tires. It can be used on subflooring, concrete flooring, engineered flooring, glue down system. It does a great job under carpet for that neighbor downstairs that is extremely irritated. If you are dealing with a situation where you have hardwood floors and you really don’t want to cover them you may want to suggest to your neighbor below putting up another layer of drywall using Green Glue – of course you will pick up the expense. Green Glue is effective for both impact noise as well as airborne noises. You would put it on the new layer of drywall and attach it to the existing layer.

-Donnie, Acoustical Solutions, Inc.


01:27AM | 05/16/11
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You can soundproof your floor by using Acoustic materials.Many types of Acoustic materials are available at market.
If you need more information go to:

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