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Confused Wife

06:19AM | 10/02/03
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We purchased an 40 year old farm house six years ago. I am now ready to decorate. However, this home has all mahoganey wood trim which is in need of some repair. The owners before us did not do a very good job finishing it. The previous owner filled all the nail holes with a different color wood filler than the stain and put a clear shiny finish on it. And the finish has runs in it. I suggested to by husband that we paint it and he will not hear of it. He wants "me" to strip and refinish it and this would be alot of work. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do so I do not feel guilty about painting it?????


09:55AM | 10/04/03
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You have got a project on your hands,how much is their?
I would suggest taking it down or off depending where it is at,then get some stripper their are many kinds and brands out their they all pretty much do the same thing.
Strip it off and redo it.You can do it while it is up but you gotta make sure your whole area is covered with tarps and plastic,you will probably be sanding too,get a respirator
for sanding afterwards of the stripping.Because you will be breathing in the dust of the stripper dryed on their when you are done.Most strippers don't need a resperator while applying.Keep a 5 gallon pail next to you for the excess material coming off when you scrape.Shouldn't need to much if it isn't coming off good make sure you are keep ing it damp so the stripper is activated you don't want it to dry on their,just follow the directions.

What he is asking you to do is pretty time consuming


10:00AM | 10/04/03
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As far as the nail hole filler you can put new color nail hole filler over the top of it.I use the putty kind that doesn't harden.
If you can match the color up with the old you could also sand out the bad areas and apply the color where you sanded.
If you brought a piece of the trim to a paint supplier they will match it for you,or if you have some of the old stain just go get more of the same depending how old it is.

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