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10:25AM | 09/17/21
I'm getting water in my new-to-me house during storms. I removed some bushes to investigate and found my weep holes are about 4 inches below grade with the dirt sloping down below them. I've found other posts where it is hotly debated about weather brick should be below grade at all, but everyone seems to agree that the weep holes should be about 4" above grade. I was told by a home inspector that local code says the holes should be in the line of bricks immediately above the foundation, which they are. It seems that lowering the grade would just create a ramp to flow more water against the house or make the surrounding sidewalk a fall hazard. I'm going to install a 4" drainage system to get the roof water away from the house, but my question to the experts is:

How should I fix/prevent water entering my below-grade weep holes? Thanks, all!
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06:09PM | 09/19/21
The dirt needs to slope away from the house and gutter down spouts need to have extensions of at least 5 feet to let the water drain away from the house. You will need to remove the dirt that has been piled up against your house. I'm not sure on this part but if I were me I would slope the ground so that at 10 feet away from the house the dirt is 1 foot lower than it is at the house.


08:29AM | 09/20/21
Thanks for the reply! I took the picture from a sidewalk that surrounds this area. That slope would end at the side walk. A 1 foot drop could make it a fall hazard (I have elderly family). My downspouts do extend 4-5' away from the foundation, but the ground just doesn't absorb it fast enough during a storm.

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