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06:51AM | 08/24/04
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we recently installed a ceiling fan in our new addition. The ceilings are 14ft high and are faulted. The fan is mounted on a 6in stem. when turned on no matter what setting it is on high,med or low. set for blowing air up or down. you can't feel any air. is there something wrong with the fan? we have 3 other fans and they all blow alot of air.


k smith

07:06AM | 08/25/04
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the first thing i thought was that the fan is too small for the area.


04:31AM | 06/06/13
I have the same problem that is worsen with really low ceilings on seven feet tall.
So i use huger fans and the seems to be worse at times.
I call it fan cavitation and wonder if there is a solutin to this.


12:43AM | 09/24/13
Same problem here! We have a high, vaulted ceiling in our bedroom, and if the room's door is closed there is no air at all felt at the lowest or middle speeds. The fan is on a drop that doesn't look too long, and with the slanted ceiling the blade tips are even closer. Some kind if turbulence or cavitation sounds like it could explain this! But I've been to numerous websites looking for info, without much success.

Kevin in Arlington Heights


09:52AM | 03/11/15
The same thing here with the slanted ceilings. I am convinced I need a longer downrod. Gigggity


07:21AM | 06/03/15
Lol it's obviously in winter mode not summer you need to switch it over


11:08PM | 06/09/15
Check the angle of the blades. If you don't have the correct angle (12-14 degrees) on the blades, you will not have any noticeable wind.


12:01PM | 09/03/15
ceiling fan is not blowing air on a small room why?


08:46PM | 10/02/15
I have a ceiling fan with huge blades and it doesn't
Seem to be blowing as much as it should ... Could I
Have hooked it up wrong


11:26AM | 11/03/15
BV007977 so you're too illiterate to bother reading the whole original post? They say right in it that it doesn't matter if the fan is blowing up or down which clearly negates your comment.

BV009110 are you going to ask a question or phrase your sentences like such without actually asking anything?

This is America people, speak the language.


11:00AM | 08/23/16
BV009408) What have you contributed to the problem at hand???? Absolutely nothing!! It's apparent you feel like you need to attack someone personally. The world has enough of your kind. If you feel you can't help just don't say anything. Just because you feel a particular way doesn't mean you have to say it.


01:46AM | 09/06/16
For the last year my ceiling fan didn't blow air, we just used it for the noise. We tried all the speeds and they work. And the reverse works, but never any air flow. Until the other day, I dusted and wiped it down as I usually do, but then we stuck the vacuum hose in the center of the fan and sucked out anything that may have been in there. All of a sudden..... The fan blows air.


07:05PM | 06/27/18
I have the same problem occasionally with a flush mounted ceiling fan on an eight foot ceiling. The ceiling is flat, not slanted. You can put your hand with an inch of the blades and feel nothing. The cure I found was to reverse the fan and let it run in reverse a few seconds, then switch it back. There's plenty of air after that. I would just be interested to know what causes it.


08:21PM | 10/28/18
how do you adjust the angle of the blades?


11:09PM | 09/04/19
Hi guys


11:38PM | 04/19/20
My friends I know your problem. There is not wrong with the fan or how till is your ceiling. The thing is your fan blades do not have a sufficient curvature to blow the air.
See if is possible to replace it


08:48AM | 06/23/20
It is good to know some people are experiencing the same issue. I am also not feeling much, if any airflow in any direction. Actually, I feel more airflow in the winter (clockwise) direction than I do in summer (counterclockwise) direction. The fan is 48in and 5 blades in a typical 12ft by 12ft bedroom with 10ft ceiling. It looks like the ceiling blades are about 1.5ft from ceiling (using the smaller downrod).

The motor seems great as it moves the blades faster than any of the other 4 fans in my house and much quieter. However, all the other fans you can notice and feel the airflow. I installed all of them pretty much the same, so I am thinking it is the angle of the fan blades.

Was there a particular order I was supposed to install them?

It did not say in instructions and I also installed all the other fan blades randomly.

Lastly, how do you fix the blade angle?

Fans usually include weights and balancing, but that seems for correcting wobbling or noise issues, and not necessarily blade angle.


06:36PM | 07/04/20
We had same problem and my engineer husband figured it out!! The blades were up upside down. He put one together for our patio. It’s the same fan that’s in our family room. After both of us standing under the new fan and lighting matches to see which way it was blowing etc. No wind at all! He went to look at the fan in the family room. Patio fan blades were up said down. Duh.


07:03PM | 07/04/20
We have ours on a 3 foot extension pole for a 12 foot ceiling and it works great.


10:10AM | 07/15/20
Very simple I'm surprised I haven't seen the correct answer .If its not blowing air in either direction the angle of the blades is off The metal on many cieling fan blade mounts is often malleable . Holding the end of each blade gently bend each blade downward .Problem solved.


10:27PM | 10/11/20
Definitley the angle of the blades, that was the fix for me! Thanks!


12:49AM | 12/12/20
Make sure the blades are up the right way. If it says this side up when you’re looking up, then they are on the wrong way.


11:30AM | 07/06/21
Seriously… you can’t figure out why there’s no air coming from flush mount ceiling fan on a 14’ vaulted ceiling?? What fan besides a giant contractor grade one can you ever feel from any great distance? It’s obviously to far away from you. Not spinning the wrong way or not a large enough model. Get yourself a down rod extension for it. You’ll want it as close as possible without the danger of hitting it for maximum breeze. Best of luck. Ps. Don’t run with scissors!

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