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04:40PM | 01/17/06
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I have a Craftsman 1/2 HP opener on one of my double garage doors. When you activate the door to open with the remote, the motor runs and the door will not open or close. I am presently manually opening and closing the door. Please provide solution on this matter. Thank you


Jim D

10:28PM | 01/17/06
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WSUBER4 - hi, if you're certain the motor is operating properly, then it sounds like the door's not engaged with the opener. Can you see the belt/chain/screw drive moving/operating when the motor runs?

The drive mechanism has a catch which engages with the door bracket in some fashion. Typically, you can bypass that by pulling on the red cord, like when the power's out and you need to open the door. But, you then have to re-engage the door and reset the bypass mechanism or else the opener doesn't catch the door. Sometimes, you can simply reset the bypass mechanism and run the opener to catch the door - other times, you have to run the opener down to the door and then reset the mechanism so you don't damage the catch. (It may have special teeth that have to be aligned on the drive mechnism catch - I've seen that on the newer screw-drive openers.)

Check that and see if it solves the problem. Post back and let us know. Good luck - regards! Jim D/West Point, VA


03:19PM | 01/23/06
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The motor is operating but the chain that operates the door is not moving. Help again. Thanks


05:39PM | 01/23/06
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Do you have any idea how old the unit is?

My old one had a belt and pulleys inside and from time to time the set screw on the pulley that would come loose.

Newer models use a gear drive set that is replacable.

It might also be possible that the chain is off the sprocket above the GDO head.

You will need to get a ladder so you can watch the mechanism as it runs. Make sure that you put it BEHIND the door incase it starts working.


09:24PM | 01/25/06
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if you are sure that the chain is not moving, then the problem is in the fact that gears are stripped out.... they can be replaced from liftmaster, for cheap womething around $20 US... 41a2817 part number like that or something.. just do not let them know it is a sears unit due to trade agreements... they can not sell such parts. give me your model number, and i can tell you more details. but this is only certain if the chain has no movement, and you are sure that it is not skipping on the sprocket at the top...

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