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02:25AM | 11/16/03
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I had a garage door installed on my detached garage, but realized after the installation the door has NO handle to open it from the outside if there is a power shortage. I vaguely remember they said I could have one installed for a hundred dollars. Is it worth it? I'm worried that sometime the electric connection will fail and I can't open the door. thank you.


05:37PM | 11/16/03
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Well, K2,you are lucky because you have a side door! I don't! And no window either. I'm lucky to have a garage in this small neighborhood of fifty year old cape cods. I know those doors are really heavy, I guess I'll have to get a handle installed. Thanks for your input.


02:43PM | 12/24/03
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Even if you were to install a handle on your garage door, there's still the matter of having to pull the drive release handle before you can open the door from the inside or outside. May want to get the man door installed or remove the garage door opener for a handle.


05:33AM | 08/03/07
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If you have a garage door opener and a power failure happens, this can spell trouble. Especially if you have no other entrance to garage. Two solutions available.

1) Expensive and most secure. Most manufacturers have a battery backup up version of their openers.

2) Less secure, but very inexpensive. Chamberlain opener makes a keyed device which allows you to pull the emergency cord from outside of the garage.

The part number is 7702CB and their number is 1-800-528-5880

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04:51PM | 08/03/07
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If you have a garage without and external openings other the the garage door and have an opener on it then it is MANDATORY that you have an external release on the door.

Power failures are temporary.

But there are many things in the opener that can fail as can the power wiring.

Here are a couple of other universial releases.


03:24PM | 09/23/09
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It make be good to have an emergency way in when the power fails but then you could also have an intruder get in. That wouldn't be to good.


12:14AM | 04/30/13
I haven't had much of a problem, but the guys at can give you some advice (they're quite helpful).

Best of luck!


10:42PM | 09/17/14
This might help..


10:43PM | 09/17/14
Bad link, sorry:


01:11PM | 02/18/16
The real problem would be getting inside to manually release the door - in their down position, most doors are "locked" by the motor so that thieves can't just walk up and open them. If it is detached from the motor, a properly balanced garage door shouldn't be too difficult to open by hand, even without a handle. Although garage doors are extremely heavy, the spring takes most of the weight. If there's no other entrance to your separate garage, you might have some problems with a power outage. We'd suggest contacting a local expert and seeing what options they carry for you - a battery backup, framing in an entry door, etc.



06:40AM | 10/05/16
Purchasing a high-end garage door operator is usually recommended, primarily as a result of quality automatic door operators cut back the damage and tear on the garage doors themselves with their tag, even retrieval and replacement motions. Garage door operators typically include a high speed block system, that pull in automatic garage doors by retracting cables or wire. A sectional garage door might use garage door operators that employment while not pulleys, however orchestrate the passage of the garage doors remotely.

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