04:46PM | 12/04/99
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I would like to get my husband a nailer for a Christmas present. I would appreciate advice on a top quality one that takes different size nails. I don't even know how they work (compressed air or whatever), but he's talked about getting one, so it would make a great gift. I don't know what other features are desirable. He appreciates top-quality tools. Thank you for your assistance.


09:06PM | 12/04/99
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Unfortunately, no nailer will do all the different jobs. You will need to find out what he wants to do with it. When you find out, post us an answer, and we will go from there.

As an FYI, generally, nailers can be grouped into 2 categories: those used to build the rough-in parts of a house, like walls, roofs, and the like, and those used to finish off the cabinets, trim, and so on. Within the rough category, there is one further division, separating framing nailers from roofing nailers. Finishing nailers get worse, because there are different ones for upholstery, cabinets, bla bla bla…again, it boils down to what your husband wants to do.

Then, there’s power sources: corded (uses a compressor) and cordless (uses an internal fuel cell configuration). If you get a corded nailer, it will need an air compressor to operate, so you will need to buy one of those as well (and a hose to connect them), else the poor boy will be whining until his birthday. Cordless nailers have everything self-contained in the nail gun, but the price of some models can be more than the price of a regular nailer and compressor.

While your taking notes, here is what I have. A Porter-Cable FR-350 Pneumatic nail gun, which shoots between a 1" to 3.5" framing nails, good for framing houses, decks, barns, sheds, and so on, and uses compressed air to operate. I also have a portable 125 psi compressor and 50’ of hose. I was originally looking at a cordless, but is more economical because I can also use the compressor to operate other tools, inflate tires, paint, etc.. I am not a professional builder, but I do build a great deal for myself, family, and friends, so the gun does get used quite a bit. So far, in 2 years it has not failed me. I know professionals will scoff, but the $280 price tag is about half the really professional models. I think I paid a little over $140 for the compressor and hose

Now hopefully, if my wife has picked up on my hinting, I will be getting for Christmas, a cordless finish nailer, the Porter-Cable angled finish nailer, called the "bammer". That gun will do molding and trim work in a house, not detail finish cabinetry. I am not a finish cabinetry kind of guy; knew that since Junior High wood shop. You may think I like Porter-Cable. Well, I have had good luck with the one I have, but they are also one of only 2 manufactures that offer cordless models, and cheaper by half than the other. My FR-350 is really the same model as what is offered by Sears, and several other copies from other manufactures also exist. They are all based on a Satnly-Bosttitch model. I may have misspelled that. Anyway, I would consider the other brands since that basic model has had a good reliable track record.

Well, if you find out what your huz wants to do, maybe we can narrow the field. I will be glad to offer advise. I hope you don’t mind me poking a little fun here, but my wife has the same problem buying tools for me. She says it’s like when I am looking for jewelry for her, except I don’t know the difference between a diamond and a piece of broken automotive glass.

Good luck -


09:12PM | 12/04/99
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BTW - The reason I want the cordless nailer for my finish work is so I don't need the noisy compressor. I find myself doing that kind of work late, and the compressor is even louder indoors, where finish work usually takes place.

Besides, I dare not take a chance on waking up those sleeping monsters (also known as children).


06:51PM | 12/05/99
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Wow! I thought I was going to just get the name of a product!!! I see I have to get a lot more information from him! Thanks for taking the time, and I'll write you again when I get the answers. Thanks again. Jean


03:26AM | 12/20/99
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If it's not too late, About a year ago I purchased a cordless nailer by Porter Cable called the "Bammer" for $280.00 at Home Depot. It is the most useful tool you could have for trim work. I've installed chair rail, crown moulding, door casings and other trim in no time. Pasole also makes a cordless nailer, but at a gripping $400.00. You can also purchase a nailer kit with compressor, nailer and hoses for about $300-$350 if you don't mind an engine running in your house connected to a 25' long hose. The Bammer takes 1 1/4 to 2 1/2" 15 Ga. nails. If you only need it for trim work, I highly recommend this tool for the application.
God Bless....


10:28AM | 12/27/99
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Hi Santa's Helpers!
Well, I decided to get smart and I gave him the money and a copy of all the advice. He ended up getting a Porter Cable 2" brad nailer - BN200A 18-gauge (he said something about wanting small nail holes) and a 1.5 hp air compressor (because he wants the compressor for other projects, also). I was pushing for the cordless, but . . . He also got a quick disconnect kit and 50 feet of hose. Everything together came to about $380. He's a happy man!
If this works as well as he hopes, maybe we'll work up to the big nails some day, but he especially enjoys working on fine smaller projects.
Thanks so much for your advice. Hope you all had a good Christmas. We did!


09:21PM | 12/27/99
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I love a happy ending (sigh)


01:13PM | 12/09/15
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Merry Christmas! i am gonna make a snowman decoration for christmas. if you are interested here is a link
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