07:52AM | 07/04/02
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Since last night, my refrigerator has not been cool enough. I have a two-door refrig/freezer. I noticed the same with the freezer early this morning. I reset the setting to Coldest since then for both refrig and freezer section. The freezer seems to be OK but the refrig. is still not cool enough.

- I have checked to make sure the doors are not obstructed.
- I removed dust from the compressor behind the bottom grill
- I checked the fridge to make sure there are no obstruction on top where the cool air comes in from the side freezer.\

The major electrical change in the house last evening was the installation and running of a window air conditioner in the upstairs bedroom. Can't seem to connect the two but could they be connected?

What could be causing this to my fridge??


05:40PM | 07/06/02
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Also check that the cooling coils are free of dust, etc and that the cooling fan in working and clean. After that, it's time to call the repairman.


04:02AM | 07/08/02
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You can prove that the air conditioner is not the problem by disconnecting it for a day. Then see if the frig works OK.
Can you check the voltage at the outlet where the frig is plugged in? Make sure it's what it should be when the AC is in use and when the AC is not in use.
Chances are, you'll have to get the frig serviced.

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10:43PM | 09/28/02
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this may be far fecthed but my friend had a problem like that it only lasted a couple of days because it was so hot inside the house the fridge and freezer could not keep up. ake sure you clean out all the dust bunnies and after that i would have to guess its the compressor


06:45PM | 10/05/02
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rpxlpx: you said you can check the compressor by unpluggin it for a day and then trying it. If it works that means that compressor is bad. Is there anyway to fix it. I have the same problem. The fridge lasts for about 2 weeks then we need to defrost it, and it will work again for a couple weeks. What is going on
thanks jamie


04:12AM | 10/07/02
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JamieL, I think you misunderstood my post. The other poster was concerned that his new window air conditioner might be causing a problem with the refrigerator. I suggested unplugging the air conditioner to see if the refrigerator comes back to normal.
As to why a refrigerator isn't cooling, there can be several reasons. Things you can do: make sure the door seals are not leaking, make sure the freezer compartment isn't frozen up, clean out under the refrigeratior - especially around the compressor.
One thing that can cause the freezer to freeze up is a failing defrost timer. Frost-free units have a timer that turns on at certain intervals which actually turns on a heater to remove frost buildup. If that timer isn't working, you will get frost buildup.

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03:13PM | 10/10/02
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I had the same problem with an Amana side by side. The issue there was that the fan in the freezer failed and would not move cold air to the refrigerator side. Eventually both will fail because the coils will freeze up over time. This one is fairly easy to fix yourself as the fans are about $15 usually. The other potential problem is that the condenser may be going, or you may have lost sealant. In this case say ouch and make sure you know how much a new frig is before you ok a replacement. Amana actually replaced my condenser after warranty as it had failed twice. Never hurts to ask!


01:27PM | 08/13/05
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hello I think this migh be my problem that when the refrig man fix it the freezer was very cold and a lot of air came out and there was forst around the vent and the ice maker I never seen it that way I ignore it cause I thought that was all right. so how do you check to see if the timing is off. please resond back.yvette.



10:58PM | 08/13/05
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** how do you check to see if the timing is off. **

If you think you have a defrosting problem, the components of the defrost system have to be checked... as much as is possible. If the things that can be checked (defrost heater and defrost limit thermostat) test Ok, the defrost timer (if used on whatever fridge model you have) would usually just be assumed to be defective.

It is very difficult to test the timer itself and some newer models use an electronic control instead of a timer, which can be even more difficult to determine absolutely as a cause.

You can read about how a defrost system works on the frost free fridge and about it components at the following link:

- How does a frost free refrigerator's defrost system work?


BTW. Did you check all the possibilities suggested at the last link I posted for you previously about your not cooling problem message??

Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



01:20PM | 08/16/05
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thank you for that information but I realise that the freezer is deforsting and freezing again but the refig is not getting cold enough we brought a theremotor for the frig and it said its on warm but when it the freezer it said freeze. so I am wondering if there is something blocking the flow of air to the frig.write back.

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