02:33PM | 05/05/04
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I'm looking for advice on the cause of a lot of white residue that remains in my brand new top rated Kenmore dishwasher after a cycle. We are now on our 3rd dishwasher in 9 years, all having had the same problem. We thought the problem with our old dishwashers was because they were cheapies and just worn out, but the new one has had the same problem from day 1. After a cycle, the dishes are COVERED with white residue, so much so you can wipe it off with your fingers and draw pictures in the residue on the glasses!! All my dishes have to be handwashed after a cycle, and I'm going batty over this.

The manual states this residue is because there is too much soap being used. I've scaled back from the Cascade (tried many other brands too) amount recommendations to the tiniest bit of detergent and I still get this residue. I've also experimented with all the cycles and nothing has changed. I always run the tap in the sink until the water is piping hot before turning on the dishwasher. This dishwasher has a built in food grinder, but I also see tiny bits of food (I rinse my dishes before loading) stuck on my glasses in the top rack. Jetdry doesn't help either. Neither does air or heat dry.

DH thinks this residue is because we have hard water and need to install a water softener. I've tried adding a powder water softener to the wash, but it's also made no difference. In fact, it seemed like there was more residue than ever. I don't believe this is a hard water issue, even though we do have hardwater. Our neighbors have absolutely no problems whatsoever with their dishwashers, and I don't have problems with the washing machine, toilets, sinks or showers. My guess would be that there was something wrong with the initial set up installation, and the problem was not remedied when DH hooked up the past 2 dishwashers himself. Personally, I think this is a rinsing issue, but I have no idea where to begin to trouble shoot this. DH is convinced it's hard water and refuses to hire a plumber, would rather spend $1200 on a softener. I don't want to part with more $$$ and still have the same problem.

I'm soooo aggrivated with having to rewash my dishes every cycle. Sorry for the long babbling post. Can someone please lend some advice?




06:20PM | 05/05/04
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That could be caused by a number of things, the one which comes to mind right off (especially because of your statement "when DH hooked up the past 2 dishwashers ") is insufficient wash water possibly due to improper installation. You can read about that possible trouble maker at the following link:

My washer doesn't seem to be able to hold water. What's the problem?


Once the machine has finished filling how high is the water (compared to the element)?

Towards the end of the wash how much water is left in the machine?

** I always run the tap in the sink until the water is piping hot before turning on the dishwasher. **

Have you ever measured the hot water temperature to see what it actually is? Detergent and appliance manufacturers recommend between 120°F and 140°F wash water or the detergent may not dissolve properly.

** we do have hardwater ... I've scaled back from the Cascade (tried many other brands too) amount recommendations to the tiniest bit of detergent **

JFYI. With hard water you're suppose to use *more* detergent not less. It is soft water which doesn't need as much.

** refuses to hire a plumber **

Good idea because you probably should have an appliance service technician look at the dishwasher first to see if it's malfunctioning or not.


Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



11:16AM | 05/10/04
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What happens if you run a cycle with no soap at all? Still got residue? Same amount?

No problems anywhere else in the house?


07:47PM | 04/19/07
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I have a Whirlpool Gold with the same issue. I have had service techs out here five times. They have replaced everything there is to replace, (the pump and the soap/jet dry dispenser and I still have soap residue. I have used Tang, Citric Acid crystals, and a few other products for cleaning a dishwasher. Where is the residue coming from. I use a 1/4 tablespoon of soap although the manual recommends 3-5 tblspns. I am going to have to be sent to the Betty Ford clinic if I have to take one more day of my dishwasher not working. Help!!!


11:13AM | 08/20/07
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I have the exact same problem. I have tried everything. Called our city and found out we have very hard water. I have done the vinegar rinse and used the full amount of detergent as recommended for hard water. I increased the jet dry as this was also recommended for hard water. I am also so frustrated. We also did replace the dishwasher thinking this was do to the dishwasher getting old. New one also has same problem. We have a water purifier system on our main water supply to house. Could this effect the water enough to cause this film. Help.


01:06PM | 08/20/07
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** found out we have very hard water... and used the full amount of detergent as recommended for hard water. **

For hard water (10-13 grains), 10-13 tablespoons worth of detergent should be used. For hardness 14 grains and harder, a separate water softener is recommended or purchasing a dishwasher model with built-in water softener system. Some European models have such a system.

** I have done the vinegar rinse **

Rinsing the dishwasher or the glasses?

If the film on glasses does not dissolve with a vinegar rinse or have a 'rainbow' effect when viewed held to a light, they may now be etched and never come clear again.


Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



05:22PM | 12/26/07
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I have been having the same white residue build-up in my dishwashers. It slowly builds up. I have softened water. I have tried to reduce the amount of detergent but the cleaning ability goes away. I do not have a big problem with white residue on the dishes but I did with my previous dishwasher. There is something going on here. We need to find out what it is.



06:25AM | 01/05/08
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I found manufacturers stating to use 2 cups of white vinegar in order to remove the white residue from the inside of the dishwasher. I threw in 2 cups of white vinegar and set the dishwasher to "Normal", Hot wash", I turned off "Heated dry", and I didn't use any soap. It removed some of the white residue. I repeated the wash cycle with white vinegar 2 more times and most of the white residue is gone now.

Then to keep the white residue from returning and to make the dishes come out clean I am doing the following:

1. Supply the dishwasher with softened water.

2. Only scrape off globs of food from the dishes; do not rinse the dishes before placing in the dishwasher.

3. If you have a full load then fill the covered soap area all the way with liquid dishwasher soap and do the same with the secondary (open) soap area. If you have a half load then use half the soap.

4. Make sure that the dishwasher has rinse-aid in the rinse-aid compartment.

5. Set the cycle to "Normal", "Heated wash", and don't use "Heated dry".

6. Run the how water from a faucet near the dishwasher until it is hot.

7. Start the dishwasher.

Notes: The dishwasher soap needs hot water to work correctly; the dishwasher soap needs food particles in order to keep from wrecking dishes; the "Heated dry" cycle can aggravate problems.


10:01AM | 08/08/13
the problem is hard water and has a product exactly for this problem. it filters the water going into the dishwasher removing the hard minerals and leaving your dishes spotless guaranteed. you will love this product.


10:35AM | 03/31/14
I am on my 2nd whirlpool gold dishwasher. The 1st one didnt have the hard water problem, but this one does. I have ran the dishwasher cleaners and vinegar. Im getting some clr today and going to try that. I dont believe my water changed so that the hard water would become an issue. I believe it is something to do with the materials used to construct it. I notice the materials inside are cheaper than my 1st one.
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