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07:40PM | 04/24/06
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Please help! I am desperate! I have a 3 year old Kenmore side by side refrigerator with ice/water dispenser. I have poured out several gallons of milk before I realized what was wrong. The refrigerator is not cooling. The freezer side is keeping most things frozen with the exception of ice cream which completely thawed. We tried turning up the temperature controller, waited 24 hours, no help. We took off the kick plate and cleaned the coils and cleaned under the refrigerator, still no help. Is there a reset button, and if it is the thermostat, where is it located? I checked on parts and it's only $15 for the part, so if we can do it ourselves that would be great!




02:25AM | 04/25/06
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I would not touch it if you dont have some expierence working with electrical appliances and electricity. It could be one of several problems.


09:15AM | 04/25/06
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There is no "reset". The thermostat controls running of the compressor. If the compressor is running at all, the thermostat is not likely the problem.

There are lots of things which can cause cooling problems in refrigerators. You can read about the most common ones at the following link. Each would have to be inspected/tested for one at a time until the cause in your case is found or surmised.

- My frost free refrigerator is not cooling properly. What might be the problem?


If you need any further assistance here, please post the fridge's complete model number so we can look up what design of fridge you're dealing with, they not 'all the same'. You can find tips for locating the model and serial number identification tag *on your appliances* in the 'Repair Parts' section of my web site linked below.

Dan O.

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08:04AM | 09/07/10
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I knew it was a long time ago but I have the exact same problem that you had.could you please tell me what did for your fridge and how did you fix it?



10:03AM | 09/07/10
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Just because someone else's appliance is acting like yours, there's no guaranty the cause of their problem will be the same as yours. If your neighbor's car won't start and it turns out to be a bad starter, that doesn't necessarily mean a bad starter is the reason you car won't start. It could be the battery, lack of gas, etc.

> I suggest you diagnose your own problem. Start by looking at the link I provided above about cooling problems and check each of the possibilities suggested until the cause in your case is found.

If you have additional questions or need additional help, *start your own message* and include the appliance's *brand name and exact model number* and we'll try to assist you to find the problem in your case.


Dan O.

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06:43PM | 06/16/15
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How to check for lick in a Kenmore side by side

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