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04:27AM | 07/22/06
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Hi, I have a kenmore (sears) range top stove (I think that's what it is), it has four burners and the temperature knobs on the right side. We are having a pretty difficult time cooking anything on it lately because the burners will heat up, and then shut off all by themselves in the middle of cooking. Sometimes it helps to have more than one burner going. It's not always the same burner, it moves around, and often involves more than on burner at a time. We replaced a couple of the burners thinking that was it, but it didn't do anything. I thought it might be the controls, but the way it hops around from burner to burner that seems unlikely.

Does anyone know what could cause this?Right now, in order to cook anything, we have to turn all the burners on, and then keep switching the pot or pan to the one that is working, and we have to switch burners about every 2 or 3 minutes!





10:17AM | 07/22/06
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** Does anyone know what could cause this? **

The first thing we will need is the appliance's exact *model number* so we can find out what design of appliance you're dealing with and what components it has which might be responsible for problem.

You can find tips for locating the model and serial number tag *on your appliances* in the 'Repair Parts' section of my web site linked below.

Dan O.

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03:33PM | 08/10/06
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Sorry been away for a bit.

It says:

Sears Canada

250 V 7600 W 60 Hz

Model C880_4611991

Serial 7JC10241

Type CU_I

Does this help?


04:03PM | 08/10/06
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** Sears Canada Model C880.4611991 Does this help? **

I'm afraid not, Sears Canada does not give out their parts information so I have no way to look up what design of appliance you're dealing with. Sorry. :(

** I have a kenmore (sears) range top stove (I think that's what it is) **

A "cooktop" (ie. no oven attached to it)?

Assuming with is an *electric* cooktop or range, if the surface element(s) are curring out on their own, there may be a problem with their controller(s), thermal limiters at the element itself (on glass top stove models) or the element receptacles (on plug-in coil element only - see the following link).

- The surface element on my range will only work if I jiggle it. Can you tell me what's wrong?


If more than one 'shuts off' at *exactly* the same time, there may be a problem in the wiring to them or some models (although very rare) might have some sort of overheat protection in the circuit which is opening the electrical circuit... for whatever reason. Someone would need to check the appliance's wiring diagram to see if that might be a possibility although as I said, such a device is very rare to be found on most appliances.

** it hops around from burner to burner that seems unlikely. **

I would think it more than likely just coincidence which one acts up at any given time. On most electric surface element set ups, there is nothing in common with all the elements that wouldn't affect all *at the same time*.


Dan O.

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02:25PM | 03/27/19
Help! My Verona gas stove burner turns off by itself


02:26PM | 03/27/19
Help! Stove burners turn off by themselves!


04:39PM | 05/18/20
I work at an apartment property and we have stoves burners that were built to automatically turn off....why anyone would design such a thing, I HAVE NO CLUE WHY?! But it is very frustrating for our tenants.


05:40PM | 05/18/20
Kenmore and Craftsman were at one time very good products, now, not so.


08:18PM | 08/16/20
The stove won’t turn on


11:51AM | 01/16/21
most likely they are designed that way. All stoves made after a certain time have sensors to detect the temp of the pan and shut off when it reaches 450 and turn back on once it cools down a bit. Dumb design but mandated by legislation. If it has a round piece in the middle that depresses it is one of these type for sure.


10:57PM | 06/07/21
Best answer, thanks.


04:47PM | 02/06/22
This is the stupidest design element I have ever seen. You cant' correctly cook pasta or rice, etc. when trying to boil them soyou can't correctly time the boil. I bought a stove that had this feature, used it once and returned it. Never again.


07:50PM | 03/10/22
We have a whirlpool that keep shutting off, for safety. Our food gets dried before fried, and they manufacturers like it like this, but I bet they dont own one. Where can I get a REAL stove?

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