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06:55PM | 01/05/07
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My 1983 Maytag washer with removable lint filter in the agitator has recently needed such expensive repairs that I replaced it with a new high end washer. I was startled to find that the new washer does not have a removable lint filter. We have pets, and I cannot imagine washing their bedding without being able to clean the lint filter five or more times during the wash cycle. After much research, I am unable to locate any new washer which has a removable lint filter except portable washers. I would not want the self-cleaning filter in my new machine to send all the dog hair and blanket fuzz down my drain. I have never owned a clothes washer which did not have a removable lint filter. The old Maytag washer did a marvelous job of filtering, so I know what a huge amount of hair and lint would be washing down the drain. Is there any new machine made with a lint filter like the old days? I have a second laundry room and would like to set it up with a washer to handle pet bedding and fuzzy blankets. The only solution I've come up with is a used washer from a second-hand appliance store, but I'm finding these machines are badly dented or unsightly. Thanks for any advice for lint and pet hair removal during the wash cycle.


10:08PM | 01/05/07
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** Is there any new machine made with a lint filter like the old days? **

Not that I've seen or heard of besides some front-load washer models.


Dan O.

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05:21AM | 01/06/07
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Dan O, Do you know which front loaders have lint filters? Thanks.



08:47AM | 01/06/07
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I do not know which makes and models have such a feature off hand, most currently available do not. Models that have an easily cleanable filter will have a small square access panel toward the bottom like the Miele and LG washers at the following links:

- Miele Clothes Washers with Filters


- LG Washing Machines with Filters



Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



06:16PM | 10/18/08
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I feel your pain... lol. I too can not believe that they have discontinued making a washer with a filter on the agitator. I had a GE with the same feature and it went out and luckily I found another at the second hand store salvage yard and got it for $10 (and it looks decent & works great, thankfully I have a set-up for two washers) although I did buy a Kenmore Elite set but I don't like it as much as I love the other. Also, since the washer doesn't filter the lint, the dryer lint trap gets full quick and I have to empty it 2 to 3 times during a drying cycle.


Anyway, have you found anything that compares as of yet?




03:42AM | 07/23/15
Checking to see if there is maybe now some after-market lint filter I could get to install on my roper washer. I have always used a clothesline exclusively, and without the lint basket like my old washer had, my clothes are always covered with lint. I do separate them carefully and still spend quite a while each time with a lint brush.


05:34PM | 12/04/15
I have a Maytag purchased in 1987, and we too need the external lint trap (it's on the agitator) because we are on a septic (field with laterals) and can not afford to have the hair/lint, etc. clogging up the septic tank or septic field. We've been able to keep it running with a new belt needed only one time. But today it has stopped 'agitating', it still spins out the water at the end of the cycle, so hopefully it's just a belt. I went on this forum to see if there are any w. machines with lint filters in case we can't fix ours, and it doesn't look promising!


01:52PM | 05/01/16
I wash and reuse many cleaning rags for around the house,, my problem is the same, I save a lot of paper towels but the pet and human hair that I leave behind on otherwise "Clean" surfaces everywhere in the house is driving me crazy,, I sure do miss the old top agitator GE water filters.


01:00PM | 05/16/16
I had one and would pay almost anything to get another one. I'm so tired of lint on everything, especially after washing new sweat shirts and pants...pathetic. I thought the technology would improve as time went on but apparently not when it comes to washing machines!


10:51AM | 05/29/16
No removable lint filters in clothes washers, tubs won't fill with water, this equals extremely poor washing results. Come on manufacturers you might have made the washers cheaper but you sure messed up the machines. Go back to what was available a few years ago. The first manufacturer to do this will sell millions.


08:40PM | 06/16/16
Years ago Consumer Reports listed NO washer acceptable after they fell in line with the federal energy standards and the associated tax incentives for the manufacturers. They now make energy efficient machines that no longer perform their mission -- that is to clean clothes. I long for a new (OLD) GE filter flo washer.


11:29PM | 06/24/16
What can people do? I have major problem with lint clogging up my water lines. Cannot find a washer with filter.


11:44AM | 06/29/16
We spent 1/2 day unclogging a field line due to lint from the washer. I also have dogs and put their blankets on the furniture to keep fur off. I wish manufacturers would wake up and make filters on the washers again!


09:33PM | 09/19/16
I agree..why did they stop including a link catch? I also would buy a machine with lint catch if one was available. The front load machine are to cumbersome. Please go back to what worked, agitator, lint catch and enough water to rinse properly.


11:56PM | 10/25/17
I'm pretty sure this is what you're all talking about


07:51PM | 04/29/18
We can’t believe they stopped making washers without filters on the agitaters. Please reconsider changing back to the old style. It would make clothes washing a lot easier . Please who line dry are suffering with lint removal . R and D get back to work ! Shame! Shame!


01:33PM | 08/15/18
I found this thread searching for the same information on modern washers having lint filters in the washers. The GE XL capacity I purchased in 1992 has that and it's a nice enough feature that it looks like we'll be hauling that half way across the country to our new house just to keep it.

Does anyone know when GE (or anyone else, for that matter) discontinued such a useful feature on their washers?

It appears that we will need to secure a service contact to keep our 26 yr old unit going. :(


02:26PM | 09/01/18
I have an old GE washer and the outer tub just rusted out. Any idea where I might find one? As others have said, we use it for animal laundry and the new ones just don't work for that.


01:02PM | 09/04/18
I had bought one with the lint tray on top - GE that I LOVED; bought it in 74; it died a few years ago. I got a roper; a piece of trash. I too would pay almost anything for that old GE that worked SO great. They make them cheaper and charge more for crap made in China. What happened to making good products! I don't mind paying more for a good product. I wish they'd bring the filters back too. I do NOT like change and they call this progress!


10:27AM | 10/01/18
definitely not a coincidence that they are now finding tons of micro-plastics in our water.


08:40PM | 12/27/18
Samsung Front Load VRT with Steam has a lint filter. You access it via door on front bottom panel.


03:48PM | 01/09/19
I too long for the days with washing machines with lint traps. We have a front loading machine that has a barrel that tilts back to use less water. My husband adds more water from my teapot and I tell him I think it’s useless as i’m Sure there must be a water sensor somewhere on the machine. But, I feel the entire problem not having a lint trap of some kind now adds to the constant odor you get from most machines! And, of course we now get to purchase a separate cleaner to just clean the washing machine. Do you have this same experience? Just curious. Pat LaPorte


09:59AM | 02/23/19
Same issue wth us. got dogs, got dog hair. Our discharge hose goes into my laundry room sink so I have sewn a lint catch bag out of window screen and attach with a plastic tie to the drain hose. It fills up fast and has to be taken off and cleaned but when I see how much stuff would be going into our septic - wow. Now we are moving and that discharge is going straight to a drain pipe. I hope I can invent a long sleeve that can go into it to perform the same. What a &”!#¥%! Hassle!!


02:59PM | 03/24/19
They have hair/lint traps that you throw in the washer or dryer. They float and have mesh cone shaped nets attached to them. They're pretty cheap and work quite well. Just google "reusable pet fur catcher for washing machine".


07:24AM | 11/24/19
I purchased several of those throw in lint filters and threw all of them in the trash. A waste of money


01:10PM | 03/10/20
GE FilterFlo Washer! The greatest washer for pet owners ever! Never a pet hair escaped to torment us. I made the mistake of selling my 1989 GE washer with my house in 2007 as my new condo was already equipped with a new washer dryer pair; and, have regretted it every washer load since. So, for thirteen years I have searched for a washer with a real lint/pet hair filter and found nothing; and, appliance dealers and manufacturers to whom I have "complained" can care less. The online advice from washer manufacturers is to put the dirty, hairy clothes into the dryer first then wash. Really? Dirty clothes in the dryer and then put clean clothes in the dirty dryer? From experience and what I read here, I will have to eternally contend with washers that do not filter lint/pet hair.


12:46PM | 03/26/20
Oh, GE Filter Flo, I have mourned your passing for decades! If I could find one, I’d never let it go. That satisfying trap full of fur, lint, hay chaff and forgotten tissues was a thing of beauty! The dryer never gets all the lint, so I’ve given up wearing dark clothes. I also love to hang my linens out on the line and had to buy an antique rug beater to encourage them to be less linty. So much for progress.


12:41PM | 05/03/20
BV011622 May 16 2016 | 01:00pm
I had one and would pay almost anything to get another one. I'm so tired of lint on everything, especially after washing new sweat shirts and pants...pathetic. I thought the technology would improve as time went on but apparently not when it comes to washing machines! Help!!!!!


06:44PM | 12/06/20
My vintage 1990ish GE with the lint screen on top of the agitator, just bit the dust...leaking heavy gear oil on the laundry floor. The new LG model is due to arrive this week. I gave up looking for a new model with a lint screen. How stupid!


08:59PM | 06/16/21
best thing to do is never buy a new washer stick with the older used ones and when sales plummet perhaps they will make something worth buying if they were made in America like they should be they would be decent quailty but because there made in China they will always be junk some of the new washers use less water and more electricity so no benefit to that i will never buy a new washer because of this and suggest that you dont either if at all possible

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