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01:50PM | 09/07/09
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I have GE XL44 (model#JGBP34GEP) and was working fine but on one fine day I decided to experiment with StoP TIME AND COOK TIME and all of a suddent the bake function does not work. The Broiler and clean cycle works fine. Just simple back or delayed (timer-based) does not work. The indicator on the stove says "on" and I hear a click but nothing happens inside. Any suggestion?

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10:44AM | 11/16/09
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You need to replace the oven igniter. You will find that this is a very common problem with that model and other models that use this igniter. It is very simple to do. Look inside the oven and you will find 2 screws at the bottom of the oven in the back. Loosen them up and remove the bottom panel of the oven. Remove the broiler, and oven trays and it is a 10 minute swap out. Removing the above items allows you the access needed to get to the two screws that mount the oven igniter to the burner. Using either a socket (1/4") or a nut driver, remove the 2 screws and unplug the igniter. The most difficult part of the exchange is unplugging the igniter. The plastic will most likely break because it has become very brittle by being exposed to the heat. Be careful to break only the part that is being replaced. If you do happen to break the fittings, they can be replaced with any male/female connector. If you need to replace this, I recommend that you stay away from plastic encased plugs. You then install the ingiter, plug it in, and you are back in business. It is a very simple part to replace, but it is costly. This is an example of a very poorly engineered application. If this oven were an automobile, we would be looking at a recall. In my opinion, GE should replace these for free since this is such a poorly engineer product.



11:47AM | 02/26/10
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The statement that getting to the glowplug and removing it is a quick procedure doesn't apply to my GE XL44.

I've got the door off for easy access, the bottom tray off, the alum. plate above the burner off and I can see and touch the glowplug. The screw heads are on the left, away from the burner, and are UNDER the glowplug, heads facing down to the left (facing bottom surface). Just can't quite get a tool in there to unscrew them.

To remove that bottom alum. surface looks like I would need to disassemble the whole oven; there are lots of support brackets and other things that would need to come off first.

Removing the burner tube looks very complex too. I wonder if this thing was assembled wrong.

HELP! Can't really afford to call the repair man.

Would uploading a picture help?



10:18AM | 02/28/10
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** Removing the burner tube looks very complex too. **

It shouldn't normally be.

** I wonder if this thing was assembled wrong. **

I very much doubt it but often appliances are assembled in a way making it quickest for the manufacturer, not necessarily ease of service afterward... if service is even a consideration in the manufacture process at all.


Dan O.

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02:28PM | 07/30/11
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I have the same problem with the difficult to access screws. Did you find a solution?


02:29PM | 07/30/11
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Did anyone find a solution to the difficult to access screws?


11:50PM | 05/29/12
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I know many forums that it's not proper to "bump" an old thread, but since Google ended me up here, I thought it best to add the quick answer that would have saved me a half-an-hour....

I have an oven that appeared to be a pain to disassemble. After taking the oven pan off and the spreader tray (both were only a couple of screws), I examined the glow bar/plug and saw the wires went down below the lower pan. The screws for the glow bar/plug were impossible to get to because they were on the underside of the heating element. I knew I needed to get to the other side of the bottom pan.

IF at that moment, I realized, I could just pull the storage drawer out and see that the wires and the heater bar tube all went through the bottom and out into the wide open storage drawer area, I would have saved myself the hassle of undoing a ton of self threading screws and removing all the guts of the bottom of the oven.

If you're like me and your "GE XL44" oven is the same model as mine, do yourself a favor and open the storage drawer below the oven first. :)

In retrospect, at a minimum, you need to remove the two "thumb screws" that also have a slot for a screw driver to remove the oven bottom, and the one hex head screw to release the heating element with the spreader and glow plug/bar still attached. The heating element is just a tube that fits over a nozzle in the storage area. The pan screw that holds the spreader pan to the heating element, can be left on, but it makes handling the heating element much easier if you take it off. If you undo more than one hex screw, you've done too many, at least for my version of the XL44.

The laughable part is this is my SECOND replacement and both times I took off seven hex heads too many. This time I realized "there was a trick that I figured out when I was done with disassembly last time" but only got as far as this post and decided, I just had to bite the bullet and remove all the hex screws. If I had posted these comments several years ago, I wouldn't have done the same thing twice. :p


04:09PM | 02/23/14

Huge thanx for the tip about removing the lowest door handle in order to get to the wires.


04:59PM | 02/08/16

I cannot begin to describe the face that you have just saved me Kind Sir, in addition to the words I spoke and stance I took when explaining my efforts to my wife. I am in your debt.


04:31PM | 05/03/16
how to remove burner knobs


02:19PM | 08/02/16
The ignitor glows but the gas doesn't light. Do I still need to replace the ignitor?


08:27PM | 01/13/20
Oven won't go on when bake pressed unless all for top burners on stove are ignited. Anyone know why this is? Since the oven will go on this way, is it still a problem with the igniter or something else.

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