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06:11PM | 11/27/06
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i was looking into building a 30x40 basement to live in for 5 to 10 years until i could afford to build a house, and was woundering what the best way to roof the basement thats not to expensive seeing how ill take the roof off and get rid of it to bild the house on the basement foundation

was woundering if anyone has heard of this done and pointers to doing this thank you


06:05AM | 11/28/06
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You want to live in a basement for ten years. I have heard of Kids moving into their parents basement after college but not building a basement.

You need to ask your local code official if you can even get an occupancy permit. Not to mention most communities have some sort of codes requiring building starting and completion dates as you will be under construction basically for ten plus years.

Not to mention you will be doing tons of extra work on electrical, plumbing etc.

That said you can build a home underground.

They are called Berm Homes.


03:36PM | 12/04/06
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I've known several people who have done this.

If it were me, I would use EPDM for such a long time frame, then build right over it when the time comes. After framing the upper walls and roofing the top, you could then cut it at the edges of the plates easily, and peel it off. Then youll have al the tarps you need to cover tools for the next ten or twenty years.

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09:40AM | 12/05/06
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well first off all i would live in the basement for about 5 yrs or so and when im ready to build i would take the roof off the basement which will already have a florr in between it and build up! i was only asking the best way to put a roof on ! thank u


04:39PM | 01/25/07
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We have lived in our basement for 14 years.

Yes, it's finished. Inside, you'd never know the difference.

As per the roof, we used a lean-to style with plain metal roofing. I would reccommend using screws. We used nails and over the 14 year period, I've been up there a few times hammering nails back down and resealing seams. Eventuall put in some screws. We have a drop ceiling inside and there are a few 2x4 pannels that need to be replaced because of stains from leaks we've had here and there.

Hopefully, this spring, we'll be ready to do just what you were talking about, tear off the roof and build on top.

If you can tough it out, it's a good thing. We actually own our home, NO MORTGAGE. We have actually paid for things as we've gone along as opposed to getting ourselves into debt way over heads. WOW, what a concept !!

Well, hope this info helped. It was a very inexpensive roof and we shoul be able to either use the metal on a shed or garage or sell it to someone who will.

Good Luck to ya .... By the way, have you by any chance ran accross the pros and cons threads to A-frames. I saw it briefly on this website due to a search render, but can't seem to get back to that reading. If you have, or find anybody that has, give a shout would ya?


10:57AM | 09/09/15
It's a great idea!


12:04PM | 09/09/15
It's a great idea!


04:26AM | 11/30/16
I've not lived in a "hope home". Here is one for sale now at 1048 W Virginia St., Moses Lake, WA. Just google the address!

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