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01:46PM | 08/30/00
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We are thinking of having an old deck rebuilt using Trex. The contractor has told us that the railing has to be cedar and we are concerned that the color of the railing won't match the deck (and that neither will match our house siding). Has anyone had a Trex deck built with cedar railing, and if yes, how do you like the color match? Also, I hear that Trex now makes all the railing components, including the posts, corner posts and railing itself. Any information on this would help.


04:20PM | 08/30/00
I have seen this material in hardware stores but never checked it out too closely, but I did a simple search on trex and came up with this, hope it helps;


04:21AM | 09/19/00
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We're starting a building project and will be using Trex as the flooring for the deck and for the stair treads. Our builder made an experimental deck on his home a few years ago. It held up so well, he's doing a large one with it. It's great on the feet since there are no splinters, and you can put it closer together and have fewer gaps since it won't shrink. You can even countersink the screws and route the butt joints for a really nice look. We've visited a few homes to see them. None of them are really "old," but they all looked great. We tend to use a lot of pressure treated wood in NC for outdoor structures that tends to weather to a silver color, but not quite the same as a weathered cedar. The trex blended well with silver/grey stained siding. Perhaps you could visit some sites and see how it looks together. As I recall, you can't use trex for the structural supports, but you can use it other places. Good luck.


04:37PM | 03/09/01
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I put in a Trex deck about 2 years ago. It was very easy to work with. The only drawback I can see is that it is very hot on bare feet in the summer. That may not be as much of a problem for you as it is here in the South.


05:15AM | 03/19/01
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My parents replaced their old, tired deck with Trex last year. Once they sorted out the problems they had with discolored, stained boards and several boards with chunks of nails in them, things went quite well. It's pretty easy to work with, cuts good and you can screw into it without pre-drilling and the screws are almost invisible once they sink below the surface of the board.

There are so many types of boards out there, have you looked around at the different brands?



06:31PM | 06/04/01
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Haven't seen any Trex rail products but Fiberon makes some. Looks pretty good but have not tried it, yet.


02:30AM | 06/05/01
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Opps! Fiberon system has the white vinyl rail system. I rather like the SmartDeck 'natural' look that will turn gray over time like the trex deck planks. The Fiberon planks do have a more 'rough' texture that would be good for wet/slippery applications.


09:45AM | 07/15/01
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We had a Trex deck built about 5 years ago and had the railing made with trex as well. Not sure why your builder has suggested cedar only. Maybe because of the weight. Trex is much heavier that regular wood and as such, needs to be secured with screws (for the railing), not nails. Our builder originally used nails, and because of the weight of the railing, the nails eventually began to pull out. I've used 4" decking screws since and have had no problems for over 3 years. The decking does get hot in the summer time, but the no maintenance aspect of Trex is fantastic. Good luck.


10:58AM | 01/31/02
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I put in a trex deck for my in-laws last summer (400 sf). I used a cedar railing because the trex railing was just to expesive. The color of the deck was the darkest brown (Can't remember the name) and it looked good with the cedar railing. My Mother in law plans on staining the rails a dark brown color to match next summer to stay with the low maintence and avoid the cedar from fading. Trex was great to work with, but it is heavy stuff. I would suggest an overkill on total number of beams and spanning on the joists. I used one extra beam then was needed and closed the joists spacing by a few inches from the factories recomendation.

Good luck

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