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05:00AM | 03/14/05
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We recently bought a a home. It was built in 1968. We have notice sticky orange marks running down the walls of our master bath. It has no smell and feels like syrup. It is around the wall where it meets the tile in the walk in shower, where the ceiling meets the wall, and spots in the middle of the wall. Also, we do not have a fan in the bathroom if taht makes a difference. Doe anyone have an idea of what this is and how to fix it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

doug seibert

03:21AM | 03/15/05
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Sounds like tar and nicotine on the walls and the shower steams-up the "dirt" runs down the wall in streaks....

Easy to clean......just wash the walls/ceiling with soap and water.......


06:34AM | 03/17/05
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Thanks for the response. I will wash it down and then go over the paint with Kilz twice and repaint. the people we bought the house from did not smoke but i wonder about the owners before our seller. I will ask the neighbors.


11:01AM | 12/23/18
It isn't from smokers, although 99% of people online will tell you it is. We have the same issue, even after bleach and water cleaning, Kilz primer and 2 coats of new, quality paint. It happens in bathrooms and the walls nearest our humidifiers. It is your tap water minerals. I see high iron and/or manganese named as the culprit when the drops left are a caramel color. It will happen anywhere your tap water condensation is heavy. Shower with window/door open and get a good exhaust vent. Use demineralized water ($) in humidifiers.


04:37PM | 12/26/18
Years ago, the couple that owned the home I now purchased added a combination den/dining room to the back of the home. The foundation is low like the driveway but I had no problem with water coming in around the outer edges of the room whenever it would rain until I had a handyman close in the back door. The water began to come in right at the area where the back door was closed in, then the water circulated around the outer areas of the room. I tried sealants myself, I was told that he did not use the correct sealant and that I would need to removed the baseboards and use water proof caulking between the foundation and foundation would studs. What should I do?


08:43PM | 08/18/19
I've got the same thing happening in my front bathroom, but the shower isn't working, so its not that. Its currently being used as just a half bath. When we bought the house almost two years ago, there was a leak behind the shower that is now fixed. I'm wondering if its some combination of that and the humidity from it being so hot outside that could be causing them to recently show up.


12:44AM | 01/31/20
I have the same issue going on and decided to research it. What I found was that it’s called surfactant leaking. Basically when a latex paint is used and isn’t fully allowed to dry in a dry well ventilated area something in the paint comes to the surface too quickly and causes these streaks. You’d have to look it up and see if it matches your issue.


08:53PM | 01/14/22
Thank you for mentioning this! You led me to find what is actually called “surfactant leaching”. Now, I understand what is happening and how to fix and avoid it going forward. I do not work for these folks and am not in the painting biz. I am just a computer nerd, and the first search result when spelled correctly came up with this reference —


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