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09:30AM | 06/13/02
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Has anyone ever used either the Mosquito Magnet or the Mosquito Deleto made by Coleman?
My yard is about 1/3 acre and it is full of mosquitos. I was considering one of these systems but I wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with them either good or bad before shelling out the $200 - $400 for it.
- Dave


07:09AM | 06/26/02
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The first thing to look for is standing water and remove it. If you give the little blood****ers a place to breed, they will. As in the past, I've stated this about vermin: If you give them a home they will stay. As for the electronic devices, I've had no good experience with them.


08:15AM | 07/01/02
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I know the device you'er talking about and it's not an electric "bug zapper" but a device which uses propane to emit carbon dioxcide to mimic an animal and attract feeding bugs which are then ****ed into the device by a fan. I have been curious about it's effectiveness myself. I know that many golf courses are using them, some on evey hole. I've heard the biggest problem is that you must move them based on wind direction since the mosquitos fly upwind to feed because they are so heavy after feeding that they must return home downwind. I I'm thinking of buying one myself but will wait to see if you get any positive feedback from someone who actually has used it.


06:31PM | 08/04/02
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A friend gave me this recipe for getting rid of mosquitos. And I'll be danged! It works! And it is so cheap and easy. Take a white plate and put water in it and add a few drops of lemon fresh Joy dish washing soap. Although skeptical, I tried this and the next morning there were probably 30 dead mosquitos in the plate. Since I have been using this recipe, I can actually sit on my front porch without bathing in OFF. It worked so well in fact, I went out and bought several white plates at a thrift store just to place strategically around the front and back yards. Don't know if the plate color makes a difference or not, but I went by the recipe and it really worked great.


03:19PM | 04/26/12
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Mosquito Magnet is a great product if you have the money. If you are on a budget myself you can do some prevention around your home by removing old tires and vases filled with water, unattended bird baths, and even cups and bottles containing water. Make sure you remove anything with stagnant water so you don't give mosquitoes a chance to breed. If you pair the prevention with some mosquito protection products you can have a mosquito free summer. We use a product that is organic and safe. It is made with oils from lemon grass, mint and garlic.

You can check it out here for more info:
Dr. T's Nature Products mosquitoes repellent

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