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04:58PM | 06/04/07
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A few days ago we bought an intex easy set pool. On the second day we went out and there were these tiny, can hardly see them, red/orange bugs mostly on the frame of the pool but some are in the pool. They fly around sort of like gnats, and crawl on the inflatable toys & inflated ring of the pool and they bite! Get anywhere near the pool and they bite. A pool noodle is practically covered in them. Its almost like they like the vinyl of these toys/pools.

I have been bit by chiggers before and this is different. The initial bite causes a stingy itch but then it stops, where as with chiggers I wanted to scratch my skin off. They are only at the pool area and noplace else on our property. There are no trees anywhere around, no tall grasses or anything like that. I dont know if this is related but the day they showed up for the first time was after a heavy rainy day. I dont know if thats what brought them out or not since Ive only had the pool two days and this is the first day they were noticed. What on earth are these teeny tiny bugs and how do we get rid of them? We cant get in the pool or near it because of them biting us.


09:52AM | 06/06/07
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We have exactly the same issue. We just bought and set up our Intex 18' frame pool this wekeend. By the next day the tubing and ladder were covered with those tiny bugs, almost like barely perceptible snips of reddish-orange thread that jump and bite. I went online to see if I could identify them and I found a LOT of complaints on various forums about these insects on Intex pools purchased this year! I called the 800-number for Intex (on the assembly instruction book) and of course they know nothing whatsoever about it. So please, call them and register a complaint. They need to know this is a widespread problem. These critters must have come with the packaging.

Cindy in KY


01:34PM | 06/06/07
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I don't think they came with the package, we had no problems at first. I consulted with a bug "expert" who mentioned one key important thing to me. These bugs are called Thrips and they are attracted to things that are white and/or yellow. The pool noodle we put in the pool that day was yellow and they flocked to it like crazy! Also, the ladder is mostly white which adds up as well.

If you have yellow or white pool toys, I'd suggest removing them. Also don't get in the pool with a white tshirt on or anything like that, before you know it your shirt is practically covered in them.

Hope this helps somewhat.


04:02PM | 06/11/07
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Yes, same exact pool and same exact problem. How on earth can we get rid of these? It is hard to even enjoy our pool with these bugs, they are also on the blue part of the pool and all in the water. They are filling up my filter that I change weekly. Anyone know how to get rid of these or attract them elsewhere? Even other pools besides these type of intex pool have white railing and I don't know of them having any of these bug issues. Anyone finds out, please let us know. Thanks!

Kenova, WV


07:42PM | 06/11/07
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Im not sure about a way to rid them but I can tell you what we have done which so far is working.

We only had them on the blue of the pool if something else attracted them first, like the white on the ladder or yellow pool toys. Yesterday we had them on the ladder again and painted it silver, today no problems. We also banned white towels from the area and anything yellow. We have a big corn field behind our house and no plants in our back yard so I dont know if the field is what brought them in the first place or what.

I wonder if you put something yellow, maybe even one of those sticky fly traps, and hung it a bit away from the pool, if they would flock to that and leave you alone? Might be worth trying!


05:18AM | 06/12/07
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I thought about painting the rails of the pools some other color, these are the intex pools we are talking about that are put together wil all white railing structure. But then, I rememebered thems being on the water and when I was out in the pool with a black bathing suit laying on a blacktrimmed dark pink raft they still bit me. I got some of that off that you put on the kids. I thought about putting spraying it around the railing on the pool and ladder. We shall see, but thanks for that idea!


05:33AM | 06/12/07
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These bugs are called amphids? Check out the picture. Tell me what you think.
448 found something


08:46AM | 06/12/07
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Do a google image search for "thrips" -- that's what they are for certain.

What kind of paint should I paint the metal ladder parts with? Rustoleum spray paint?

I don't know how I could paint the side rails short of emptying the pool and disassembling the whole thing (not gonna happen until winter), so I guess we're stuck with the thrips all over the sides.

At least I can paint the ladder rails something other than thrip-happy white!

Cindy in KY


10:09AM | 06/12/07
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I wouldn't paint the pool or ladder. That's alot of extra work. Actually today (after I bought the spray "off" bottle to spray down the railing to see if that worked, I haven't seen any of those bugs today. Only thing I know is yesterday I swept the pool, bought some "stabilizer tablets" from Walmart and put one in the floating cholorine dispenser and one in the filter basket. Doubt that did it, but we shall see later on today. I'll keep in touch about it. Thanks for your reply.


01:14PM | 06/12/07
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The first day we had the ladder painted, which was a really easy thing to do...we saw no bugs. I thought we had this kicked. Today it rained and now the darn things are all over the ladder & in the pool. I also have them now inside on my siding glass door.

I am so fed up! Ive been trying to search to see if the rain seems to bring them out more. Both times we had them the worst was after a heavy rain. Im beyond frustrated with these bugs! I called 3 lawn companies today and a pool company and nobody even has heard of thrips, which just baffles me.


01:16PM | 06/12/07
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Sorry, forget who, but somebody asked about the paint on the ladder. I just bought cheapy 94 cents a can regular ol spray paint. I also bought a clear coat to spray over that.

We thought our problem was solved since we didnt see anymore. But today after a heavy rain, they are all over the ladder and in the pool again.

aaaaaaahhhhhhh, I could rip my hair out.


03:08PM | 06/12/07
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It was me who asked about the paint. Thanks.

It's very dry here. We've had NO rain in a long time and we have plenty of the critters.

I did notice that they don't seem to like really hot SUNNY days. It's been in the 80s and 90s here, and when the sun is on the pool in really hot days, there are hardly any thrips. But on partly cloudy or overcast days, even when it's really hot, they're still all over the pool. Maybe the sun makes the metal tubing too hot?

Cindy in KY


04:36AM | 06/13/07
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Well, like I said before, I wouldn't go to the trouble to paint anything. For some reason mine has disappeared. Could it be the rain that brings them on??? Not sure. ButI have alot of chlorine in my pool (pool stabilizer from walmart) I changed the filter in the pump. Those are the only things I can think of that got rid of them for now. BUT.... I have my litle bottle of "off" spray to get ready to spray and wipe down the rails and ladder if needed. Someone try this with the filter changein the pump and 2 stabilizer tabs in your pool, tell me if they are still there. Then we will know it wasn't that, that got rid of them. I'm kinda puzzled also, even more so now why they are gone but delighted they are gone and don't want them back


04:38AM | 06/13/07
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Oh forgot to tell you all. My mother in law works for the DNR. I posted a picture with one of my posts last time to show the name of these creature which they didn't call thrips, but the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) knew exactly what they were. Look back at my postings and you will see a picture and their name. Hope this helps everyone!


04:57AM | 06/22/07
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I viewed that photo and it was hard to tell since it is black & white, if these are the same bugs or not. I am positive though that ours are Thrips.

I bought a product at walmart called "Seven" and sprayed it all around the grass of the pool area. We have had a few here and there but nothing that was a problem for us. I honestly don't know if the spray helped or a change in weather but that is what we did.

Now we keep getting what I think is gnats, lots of them. I go out every morning and there are tons in the pool that I clear out. But I can handle scooping out dead bugs, not just live biting ones!


04:56AM | 06/23/07
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We have the same kinds of those gnats (I guess) now also. I am really wondering if it could be the weather. Spritzing the "off" on the handrails worked for the other bugs for us.


05:32PM | 05/10/09
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Haven't tried this yet but apparently they are attracted to blue. In the web address below they are selling blue sticky traps, mosquito dunks and some garden spray. The theory behind the sticky traps is simple and logical - adults that get trapped can't lay eggs. That might be the easiest solution, I also might try the spray. Not really sure how to use the mosquito dunks in this application.

In the mean time, I did try spraying a multipurpose bug concentrate on the outer surfaces of the pool, in the areas where the white poles go through the blue liner, and in the shrubs and grass within 20 feet of the pool. We'll see how this works.


11:10AM | 06/14/09
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I have had my quick-set ring pool set up for about a week. I've had no problems until it rained. I went out this morning to clean my pool with the net and got ate up like crazy. I noticed that there was a ton of stuff in the pool so I took a closer look and saw on my floating dispenser was little red/orange bugs. Then I looked at the outside of my pool and it's covered all the way around with these bugs. I can't change the color of my pool (outside is blue inside is white). I can't even clean it without getting tore up. I have two small kids and I don't know what to do!!! My son gets sick over everything so I'm afraid he will get bit. I've chlorinated the crap out of my pool and nothing.

Alpaca folk

10:08AM | 08/06/11
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Dear Bug Entrepreneurs,
Feel your pain, relief could be insight. Not sure but we tried 4 oz of Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil to 4400 gallons of water. Now at first when you add it, it tends to attract more of these bugs, however 20 mins later you will have to skim your pool and take those bugs out and they seem to stay away. After 6 days we added 1 tablespoon more of the bath oil and while at first it drew more bugs we instantly noticed the dead bugs on the surface of the water and after 10 more mins we were no longer being bitten. Has had no effect on our chemicals. Makes the water a bit cloudy, but nothing horrible. Works great so far hope this helps. Been 14 days.


04:14PM | 07/28/13
I got the same Pool and the same bugs are around

Hurricane Wv


09:01PM | 07/05/14
Still looking for a solution to these bugs!! I've tried the skin so soft it'll make them leave for a few days but then they are back.

North Carolina


05:48PM | 05/15/15
I sprayed the pool down with vinegar and water and it actually kept them off!


10:06PM | 05/19/15
I have a Intex pool and I have the same problem. My grandkids can't hardly get in the pool, for the bugs on the ladder. I don't like seeing the bugs and my grandkids are scared to get on the ladder, but I haven't notice any bites on me. But I would love to get rid of them. Thanks for some suggestions.


05:44PM | 06/02/15
I killed them by spraying sports man's deet deep woods off. Killed them right in their tracks. Got the spray from walmart SPORTTNG GOODS DEPT NOT THE FAMILY SPRAY.. ALSO THE SPAY WAS STICKY O THE WHITE SUPPORT BARS OF THE POOL SO AS LONG AS THE WATER DOESN'T WASH IT AWAY THIS WILL WORK!!!!! And if it does just spray again !!


05:12PM | 06/04/15
We have lived in the same house for 15 years. This is the third year we have put up an Intex pool. This is the first year I have ever seen these "thrips". I keep a spray bottle of water and Dawn dish liquid outside for killing spiders and flies. I sprayed the white railings and sides of the blue pool. The mixture does kill them on contact. I am sure I will have to reapply as the ones I missed come back, but hopefully I can get rid of the majority. Would love to know the recipe with the vinegar??!


12:25AM | 06/24/15
The other day we had a mild thunderstorm. Several hours after the storm I went out to the pool and it looked like oil was floating on top of the water. I bent down to see what it was and they were swarms of tiny minute bugs. Not sure what they are. Looking for information as to what they are....where they came from and to get rid of the. Thanks for any information you can give me. I have attached pictures.


12:32AM | 07/22/15
I don't know what they are but I have seen them around my town. I don't know if it's the same bugs on the pools, but me and my family are getting these rashes and bites that itch and burn from our Intex pool. We think it might be chiggers it we aren't sure.


02:23PM | 05/23/17
Mix blue dawn and water in a spray bottle and spray around the grass and stuff around your pool. Sounds like the issue I had with aphids and this worked wonders.


05:58PM | 05/17/18
this year we had to buy a new pool, the new intex easy set pools are brown with brown railings and brown vinyl and windows on the side. the ladder is silver, the liner inside is blue and white. the bugs you all are speaking of are caked on the pool and the ladder, i honestly have not seen where yellow or white plays a rol in it lol...but they are very annoting, i think i will try the "seven" stuff from walmart like the person above mentioned...


04:22PM | 05/18/18
Thought it was the sand, mulch, salt water pool, standing water etc... I fought these things all last year and thought I won. I put the pool up last weekend and within an hour of getting it full they returned. The rain really seems to bring them back out. What I do is spray the entire outer surface of the pool with a solution of 1/3 cup of dish soap to a gallon of water. I have to spray the pump hoses ladder deck and chairs also. I spray my house and door as the pool is close to the house. This kills them on contact and seems to work for as long as it is wet. After a few hot dry days they will disappear. The need to spray daily stops till the next rain spell. Thanks for the brown pool post, I was considering staining it! There must be something in the vinyl itself that attracts them? I am going to try some tire wet type product on a section to see if that works better.... It is a wasteful shame but I will probably go ahead and get rid of it rather than do this again all summer.
Richard ~ North Carolina


04:52PM | 05/27/18
Same thing here i wanna swim but they keep biteing me my dad looked they bit him but doesn't belive me did anyone sat hoe to get rid of them yet or what they are please i need to know we got an intex pool to!!


05:43PM | 05/28/18
I just put my intex pool up on friday and by today the filter was clogged with all these itty bitty brownish colored bugs. I noticed them on our pineapple pool float (which is yellow) and i can see them swarming above the pool and the grass around the pool. I have not felt them bite and we continued to swim as normal, they are just really annoying to clean out of the water. I am going to try that seven spray that someone had mentioned. I wanted to mention that i dont think they are weather realted...i live in nebraska and it has not rained for at least a week. Very dry and hot (almost 100 these last few days).


01:19PM | 05/29/18
We have lived here in our home for about 16yrs and every summer we put up our latex pool and this is the first year we ever got these thrips. Just wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of these things for good or at least for the summer.Live in California and it's 100 degree weather right now and they're still around my pool.

Any suggestions?


01:26PM | 05/29/18
Here's some pics everyone.


04:02PM | 05/29/18
Ode to the person who suggested dawn and water mixed in spray bottle, kills the thripe bugs and every other bug around anywhere I must the spray! Thank you! I’ve used dawn dish soap to kill fleas before, works miracles there too, gotta love good ol original dawn dish soap


10:23PM | 05/29/18
They are all over our pool too in Palestine wv. Tiny biting boogers. Seem to come out late afternoon. I spray off on the ladder and rails to kill them instantly but hundreds just land in their spot that are flying in the air. Wish there was a bug light or something that was a better fix


06:31PM | 05/31/18
I have same problem. I just sprayed tea tree oil around pool and self. It seemed to work as the little red bugs and other bugs were dying instantly. However the tea tree oil can get expensive. Going to try the dawn dish soap should the little things come back.


07:04PM | 06/01/18
1st time pool owner here. We just got our pool installed yesterday and I still have yet to get in. They swarmed the second we added water. I was getting bit like crazy just standing on my deck. The next morning after the water filled, there were millions covering the entire Water surface. I tried to get them out using our skimmer and they go right through it. I have been doing research for hours and hours.. I'm at a total loss. I'm so frustrated we have a brand new pool that cost thousands of dollars and I can't even get in.


10:58AM | 06/05/18
I live in Missouri. I have an above ground pool but it is not an intex, it has the metal walls and rails. I have lived on this property for 10 years but have only had the pool for two years. I occasionally noticed these bugs before we ever had a pool when I was standing out in my yard but they seem to have come out by the thousands since we got our pool. Our backyard butts up against some woods so I thought that might have something to do with that. My husband never saw them until we got our pool. We opened our pool a little less than a week ago and it rained right after. It has been about three or four days since it rained and they are still all over the side of my pool that has the pump. I think the ground is wet around the pump area and that draws them out. I really can’t think of anything else that would bring them on. Bugs like mosquitos really like me and don’t seem to bother my husband too much, so it doesn’t surprise me that these don’t bother him either. But they are eating me alive. I really want to enjoy my pool and wish there was some way to get rid of them. I’m going to try the dawn dish soap treatment as well as the vinegar and water treatment and hope for some relief. I just wish there was something permanent.


04:53PM | 06/10/18
tanrite and a ar15 bugs are gone and so are the bugs


04:54PM | 06/10/18
tanrite and a ar15 bugs are gone and so are the bugs


04:56PM | 06/10/18
2 lbs of tanright and a ar15 buge are gone and so is the pool no more issue


03:24PM | 06/12/18
I bought the same pool and have the same problem any suggestions on how to get rid of them?


03:44PM | 06/19/18
Talstar p! Worked within an hour. I used a hand held pump spryer with 1/2 oz talstar p to 1/2 gallon of water and prayed out sides of pool and a 3-4 foot perimeter around it. Worked like a charm! Only ones left were in the pool and on the insides that I didn’t spry. I killed them by hand. Product dries in about an hour or so. We can enjoy our pool again and I have plenty of talstar p left for future use.


12:00PM | 10/18/18
I spray Bug-B- Gone on my concrete pool decking and all grass and bushes around my inground pool twice during the swim season. I haven't had any bug problems since I started doing this several years ago. It kills all the bugs before they can get to my pool.
I am not sure if animal friendly so check on that before if you have animals. I just don't let my grandchildren walk in the grass the day I spray.
The Avon skin so soft does work but I don't like a cloudy pool.


07:20AM | 04/13/19
Dawn liquid dishwashing soap - 1/2 cup in 2 gallon pump up sprayer seems to kill them but doesn't stop or kill more as soon as it dries. Mine is inground pool with flagstone edge. Dawn is also good for crepe mirtels and aphids. I guess ducks too if your tanker runs aground and you have a crude oil leak.


11:38AM | 04/14/19
Just wait until the neighborhood kids find out you have a pool, you thought the bugs were bad.


10:12AM | 05/25/19
I have them as well. Never seen them before I got the pool. 48x15 above ground intex. Like the post above I've also been wiping the outside of the pool down with Dawn dish detergent. It's not a permanent deterrent but it last for a week or so and when I start seeing them again I wipe it down again.


09:25AM | 05/30/19
I bought a pool last year 2018. It was a nightmare, we couldn’t even enjoy sitting in my backyard or swimming in the pool. I am seriously thinking of not putting my pool up this summer. It’s almost June and i haven’t yet. I have already saw some of the annoying little biting bugs in my yard.


04:56PM | 06/14/19
I just bought shelves at a yard, white... I came home to clean them, and started getting bit by super tiny orange jumping, flying bugs!
I looked on a few other sites and one said Windex may help, but maybe I should just pant them a different color. I can not take them inside my home for fear of these bugs breading and my home becoming infested. I don't now want to do. The bite only last for a few seconds and doesn't leave a mark, but I have 3 small children all under 5, and 2 older children 11 & 12 that I don't want to feel the pain and annoyance I have the last hour. Can anyone tell me what to do, or even what these things are. We live in Ohio if that helps, and it's been rainy the past few days


12:53PM | 07/17/19
I am so glad I found this post! This is the second year I have had my SUMMER WAVES above ground pool, similar to the Intex. I've been doing a ton of research on this, and I have learned that these things can be brought into your house, and they will year you up,,itch and you see nothing! So I want to share some advice, I hope it helps. Keep all plants and shrubs dusted, with seven dust, it does not have to be near your pool because they gravitate towards water. I can tell you they don't care if your pool is black or white, we just see them better on lighter surfaces. Keep grass very short near the pool, if it's possible I would put seven dust up against the pool and in grass too. I like the kids off, as someone stated previously, sprayed on rails. You can buy waterproof skin so soft to spray children also, that will keep them from being eaten alive. And keep CHLORINE LEVELS higher.I keep tiki torches around the pool, Oh vacuum your carpets inside your house, and clean your bedding too. I hated walking out to the pool last year to find the surface full of these things. I am hoping that this will help mine this year, I have been in poor health and have not attempted to really get my pool opened. I know vinegar mixed with water is good, but it would only dry too quickly for me to do this. I am talking about the microscopic looking light brown reddish mite bugs. I like the idea of the pesticide that started with a T, somebody mentioned, that will be the last thing I add to my arsenal! Good luck guys!! BTW I'm also going to put a stocking on maybe my filter basket to keep them from recirculating too.I can't wait to smell the CHLORINE THIS YEAR :-D


05:08PM | 07/17/19
Hello y'all, I have a summer waves pool, similar to Intex. I've had it almost three years, and you guessed it, those things from the jump! I have researched and I've come to some things that might help u also. First of all they will get into your house and bed, they make u itch but you can't find what is biting you. So I want to tell you, get seven dust and dust all shrubs, plants that are in your yard, it doesn't have to be close to the pool, they will gravitate towards your pool! I can promise u that color doesn't mean anything to them, we just see them on light surfaces. I also will tell you to keep grass cut close to the pool, it would be better if you could put small pea gravel around it, they also are in grass, seven dust grass around pool. Okay I also would get cedar oil, the essential kind and orange or lemon oil and mix it with some Avon oil, spray bottom of pool about foot and half to two feet high from bottom. Someone mentioned off and that would be good to spray around edges and ladder. Put waterproof skin so soft on children and you, if u don't mind taking all the clothing off before going into house, and spray like crazy off or whatever u feel will kill them, because they keep u awake. I have tiki torches around the pool. And yes keep extra chlorine and chlorine floater also...u wanna smell like chlorine when u get out lol. If u don't want the skimmer recirculating them use a stocking,,I want to try some of the talspar p someone mentioned...but u must keep grass and all flowering shrubs and not flowering shrubs, crepe myrtle also. Oh I almost forgot, the things will be in your hair and ears,,I keep Avon hand so soft combed in my hair, if it gets dry or washed out,,add more a few minutes before going into home.
Now plain ole borax sprinkled into all carpet for three days, when u vacuum them up u know it kills them. Good luck


09:46PM | 07/27/19
Same problem live in Alaska


02:45PM | 05/09/20
These are red clover mites.


02:48PM | 06/10/20
I have little tiny brown looking like bugs that can fly and appear to also bite. They are all over my vinyl pool and pump. I can see them flying all around by the pool. How can I get these to go away so I can enjoy my pool.?


10:19AM | 06/11/20
I came searching the net for any reason why they have infested vs just little annoyances. We call them chiggers around here as we are surrounded by marshes, ponds, creeks, rivers, and bays. I believe others call them thrips. They are annoying!! A good rain brings them out. And as far as pools..chlorine nor stabilizer kills them. They also come out if you have small pools/heavy droplets of any type of water around. Wet grass is their favorite place. Hence them being around and on the ladders, tubes, and rings of the pool. Deep Woods forest off works on human skin for as long as there is a pungent smell instead of mixed with the sweet smell of human skin not to mention our blood they need to reproduce. This is why we use Skin So soft via Avon here. The aroma of it keeps them, mosquitos, and gnats at bay. Of course you will have to reapply after a couple hrs. We just bought an intex pool for the kids as well because our above ground pool has died and we will not get another til next summer bcuz of COVID-19. They have taken over the area of the pool and it hasnt helped that we put it in a slightly shadier area because of the pool size. We didnt want the pool water to get too hot, nor algae to overtake the pool as heavy chemicals in these type pools will surely cause damage to pool and their skin. We had a very bright white deck surrounding our large above ground pool and etc but they only bothered us in the evening when the sun went down or the pool deck wasnt too hot yet wet, or when we got out of the pool.

I'm waiting on my bottles of skin so soft so I can infuse them into my oil lamps, tiki lamps, and wax burners. I'm also gonna put it into a spray bottle and spray the grass and outside of the pool. I dont recommend spraying the water or objects you put into the pool. Oil is not good for pool linings. I hope this works for us and helps you all. Good luck and best wishes. I'll try my best to remember to come back with an update.


12:39PM | 06/24/20
First summer that I've had my pool up and the thrips have come out! We live in a rural setting with pasture land on three sides of us. The first time the thrips came out was after it had been raining for several days. They COVERED the pool poles and ended up all on top of the pool water. After reading some about them, I made a spray with Dawn dish soap and water and killed them on contact. Wiped the dead ones off, and kept doing that until they stopped coming. About a day or two after the rain had stopped. They stayed away for a whole month, then we got a hard rain yesterday and they came back just as bad! We keep our yard sprayed for bugs (about five acres surrounding) so they must come from the pastures around us. The dish soap spray works, you just have to keep doing it, cleaning the dead up, and spraying again until they leave. Very frustrating and I wish there were a more permanent solution! Making me reconsider having an above ground pool.


02:05PM | 08/08/20
Water mites due to low chlorination.

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